Mana-chan Translates: Kirihara Atom [MARGINAL #4 IDOL OF SUPERNOVA]

「※ All translations are done by me unless stated otherwise and sourced. Please do not steal my translations. Ask for my permission to use my translations and remember to source me if I give permission! I’m not perfect, nor is my Japanese, so I apologise if there are any errors, but I’ve tried my best.」




[CV: Toshiki Masuda]



  • Age: 17
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Birthday: 7 July
  • Star Sign: Cancer
  • Favourite Food: Yakiniku (grilled meat)
  • Important Object (to him): Stage (performing stage)
  • Hobby: Skitter (parody of ‘Twitter‘) (though some sites do mention ‘Twitter’ rather than ‘Skitter’–‘Skitter’ has been put into the game version possibly to avoid copyright infringements)
  • Best Subject: Physical Education


  • ‘Ore-sama’ member of MARGINAL #4 (ore-sama is a term used by those who think they are higher than other–form of high respect for themselves; sometimes arrogant and has a high pride).
  • Has a rough/wild personality.
  • Good at making a hot (not sexy hot, but more like passion) performance for everyone around [the stage].
  • If there’s a chance, he’ll tweet on Skitter.
  • Not very good at studying, but has a lot of self confidence when it comes to movement (because he’s a phys ed. student and an idol that does some form of dancing on stage).


Man I take so long to open up this blog and post on it //cries//.

I try to do it more often though, but ugh, I’m such a lazy-butt I swear. Annnnyways! I’m gonna drop those Voltage updates post (I’m sure if you following the Voltage fandom on tumblr you won’t need them here anyways) and just gonna start blogging about games I’ve been playing–kinda like a liveblog I guess…? Ah whatever, the ones I think I’ll be blogging about are;

  • Boyfriend
  • Girlfriend
  • Hostchan
  • KoiCaba
  • HM: A New Beginning
  • Fire Emblem Awakening

I have plenty of other games, but I haven’t played a lot of them lately whoops. I’ve definitely been playing Boyfriend and A New Beginning most as of late. Mostly because I’m trying not to play too many games while I have my uni studies to focus on as well. I’ll also try and talk about the new Harvest Moon game too since I’ve been following it for quite a while now.

Drakengard 3 will also be here, but more so translations than actual gameplay (cause I haven’t got the game yet so many sads //cries//). Anyways, I’ll try and post later today when I get my screencaps and such figured out.

See ya~!

EDIT: I may not even follow this list–if I find something else worth sharing, then I’ll post about it.

3 Year Anniversary!!

So, uh, my blog notification had told me that this is my 3rd year operating on wordpress, which means, this is my third year anniversary! I started this blog back in 2010 as a hobby and to share things, but I never expected to get so many supporters and even though not every spoke to me, I know you’re supporting me from the view counts and such.

I’m no good with speeches haha, so my way of thanks is making this quick edit for you guys~


Seriously, thank you so much for sticking with me for all these three years and I hope you’ll continue to support me, even though I’m such a terrible person for not checking this blog often. I really try to and I will try harder to make sure this blog gets as updated as possible.

I also remember last year only having 20, 000+ views, but this year I have 50, 000+ views and that was only achievable because of you guys. I don’t have very many followers and I believe quality is better than quantity anyways so thank you for those who supported me ever since I started my blog. Thank you to those who don’t follow me, but support me anonymously or from the sidelines. Thank you to those who only started following me recently. I love you all and thank you for making my wordpress and otome experience so much fun and thank you for the all the support.

I wish you all a great Merry Christmas and New Year! Best safe, spend quality time with family and friends and enjoy the final remainders of 2013 and I’ll definitely be returning again in 2014 so do expect more posts in the future.

Thank you again and see you guys another time~

How to find and add mates quickly on Celebrity Darling

I’m just gonna explain how to find and add mates on Celebrity Darling for GREE (this also works for Be My Princess and My Sweet Bodyguard). However, these weren’t my ideas and my doing of finding mates easy, so credits goes to fortykoubuns, romancingpixels and to Vickie (from ramblingsofa-gnd/little-miss-vkie) for showing us how to find and add mates and for the simulator and game URLs to play the game on the computer.

Do note that this will only work on Chrome, I don’t know how to work other browser types.

So to start off, you’ll need a Smartphone Simulator which you can get here. Add that to Chrome and then have it on when you want to play either My Sweet Bodyguard or Celebrity Darling. Be My Princess has a web version so it doesn’t need this extension.

The URLs for the following games are these;

Once those stages are done and you open up those URLs, you need to enter your GREE username and password and it should retain your game file. Now, to find mates.

The following screenshot is from me opening up a mate’s page in a new tab. You got to do this or the URL won’t appear.

fdgdsThe number circled in red is your mate’s number and the number circled in blue is your number. As you can see, mine is present and it’s;


What you do is you do the same thing I did which is;

asddsfGo to find mates. It doesn’t matter at this point, just open it up. You can find specific people for that later on.

asdaDSRight click on a name and click on ‘Open in New Tab’

Then it opens up that person’s page, but don’t worry too much about it. When it opens up, the URL bar should have the same URL as the one I showed before.

Now that you have that, you can now find your mates easy. For example, my number is [679478789] and all I need to do is paste that into the number that is circled in red (see URL picture from before) so that my page can appear. You won’t know your mate’s number if you’re trying to find them, so make sure you ask the person that you want to be their mate and they’ll give you their number. I’ll show you how to paste the number.

adsfsadfHere’s what the URL should look like. The one you want is the red boxed numbers.

adDsdSee? I replaced the previous number with my number. Now when you press ‘Enter’ it should lead to the person’s page.

aweedfaAnd there! That’s my page!


That’s basically it. The same applies for MSB and BMP and you should have the same number cause it’s your GREE ID so you don’t need to bother the person over and over for their number.

And that’s how you find mates to add them easily. Good luck and have fun!









So I’ve been inactive for the past few weeks due to reasons, but I’m shocked at the amount of views I’ve got and the number of new followers too


Welcome to Mana-chan’s Room guys! Sorry, this won’t be active for a while, but I’ll answer some comments and stuff since I have no idea how long you’ve waited for my reply. School has been eating my time so I apologise for that


Mana-chan Talks: Snow Bound Land

Okay, as promised, I’m gonna be talking about Snow Bound Land–it’s another otome game that will be distributed by Otomate. This game caught my eyes a couple months back when it was announced, but at that time, I was too busy to even give it another thought. Now that I have time, I’m just gonna state my impression on it and I hope you guys are excited for the game as much as I am. snowboundlandlogoGame: SNOW BOUND LAND 「スノウ・バウンド・ランド」

Developer: Otomate, Idea Factory, Design Factory

Release Date: 21 November 2013

Official Website:

The art style reminds me of Glass Heart Princess mixed with Moujuutsukai to Oujisama. I suppose it’s cause of the character designs (Glass Heart Princess) and the colouring and shading (Moujuutsukai to Oujisama), but I really do adore the art. I hope I will be able to pick this game up, because during my midst of translating, I found myself becoming more and more excited for the game. And I haven’t been picking up Otomate games lately, so I want to redeem myself and pick this game up, along with plenty of other otome games still on my hit list. So let’s start with the story summary that I translated. It’s not perfect, but I think you get the general gist of it.

Gerda, the heroine, lives in a small village.

Together with her childhood friend, Kai, the two spend much time with each other at a young age. They were surrounded by their favourite flowers and lived in peace.

Then one day—-

I got a hand mirror and Kai said that, ‘a wish can come true,’.

For the occasion were present.

A sickly subservient – Orva

An energetic apprentice cook – Craes

A travelling swordsman with no sense of direction – Aje

If you look into the mirror with skepticism, it will shatter, loses consciousness and be wrapped up in the light.

Then, Gerda and her companions woke up.

The mirror had shattered into pieces and disappeared without a trace.

Not knowing what happen, Gerda and her companions returned home.

However, there had been changes in each of the body—-?!

From what I can tell, it seems that this mirror caused some sort of change in their bodies (which could affect them badly or whatever), but to me, it seems that this mirror may link with Snow Bound Land, which is the title of the game. I’ll have to play the game to understand more, but that’s the general gist of the translation (which is a fail on my part, I apologise). Now, below the cut are the characters for Snow Bound Land. I’ll be giving my impression on them, so it’ll be pretty lengthy and contains my own opinion on how they might play out in the game. There’s the heroine and five chaseable bachelors, I believe. So yeah, more under the cut. Continue reading