AMNESIA to Become an Anime!

You heard it right, my all time favourite otome game will be turned into an anime. And if that isn’t enough, they’re making a third game when I haven’t even bought the fandisk *cries* why must you do this Otomate!?

amnesia animeDo I any issues with this game becoming an anime? No! I’m completely ecstatic for this anime to be aired and I’m definitely buying the DVDs when they come out. Yes, I’m that much of a fan of this game. But aside from that, I’ll dedicate this post to my beloved game and state my opinion on it. I know some people are like ‘wth? why is this game becoming an anime?’ because this game had mixed reviews on it. Personally, I thought it was a nice change from the other romance games and well, I’ve always liked a bit of mystery and drama as well as suspense in games. What I hated was those psycho fangirls…So without further ado, let’s begin!

Beware, there are slight spoilers to the game if you haven’t played them. I will be mentioning plenty of them actually. So beware when you continue to read on.

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