Hey, Hey…I’ll Let You in on a Little Secret…

I’ve actually been working on a little project in secret, even though I said I was taking a break from writing. It’s basically a CYOA story where you play one of the four characters I’ve created. And the universe? A variety of characters from the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series, The World Ends With You etc etc etc. I don’t have an exact date for the ending, because, to be honest, I don’t intend for this story to end so quickly. So basically, you can think of it as a way to read fanfics of the variety of characters available. Anyways, more under the cut if you want to read more about it.

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Happy New Year!

I know it’s a bit late, but there was a reason why I didn’t post anything yesterday. It may be hard to believe, but I’m a New Years’ baby, in other words; I was born on New Years Day. So I decided to myself to take a break from my blog and the rest of my other internet connections, except tumblr, although I was on it sparingly.

I really didn’t get anything for my birthday, since I’m not too much of a party person. In fact, I hate parties, hate them so much. Parties and myself just don’t work well together. But my family aren’t completely heartless, so I’ll probably be able to buy something for my birthday. I really want the Star Driver DVDs, but I also want to play the rest of the Voltage Inc routes I haven’t bought yet.

Voltage, why are you so greedy? The moment I buy something, you release something new. Thanks…

As for this year, I really don’t know what I want to achieve. Maybe a high OP? I’m going to put this in as a warning, but due to this being my final year in high school (crap…it’s a scary thought…), so my updates on this blog will be practically rarely to zilch. I hate to not be able to share things on the internet and find out about new stuff, but I’m afraid that’s life. My social life for this year; well, there won’t be any. I don’t think I can even have time to myself anymore, considering everything I do this year will result in my final grades…I’m doomed.

But anyways, any chance I do get will probably be during my holiday breaks or when I have time, which I think will be rarely. And besides, any time I do have to myself, I’d probably be catching up on my otome games or anime. It’s said to say, but I’m going to be unable to touch the XBOX 360, PS3, PSP, NDS and such for a while. It’s going to be just me and the iPad, playing otome games there.

Why am I ranting like this? I’m sorry (and as a sidenote, my tumblr keeps on notifying me on new updates…it’s getting really annoying…). What can I do now? Oh, I’ve decided to leave Lambert’s review for now, considering I haven’t returned to My Sweet Prince in quite a while. I’ve been busy with Be My Princess (both the Gree and non-Gree) and of coruse, My Sweet Bodyguard on gree. I’m starting to hate Subaru at this point for giving me the 18000 ender roadblock. And there is no lucky 24 hours to get the ender to move along *cries* Gree, why must you be so greedy? (I get the feeling that’s why they named their company Gree…) Why am I crying? I am sitting on around 16250 ender and you only gain 50 ender per guard, unless you manage to get a bonus and get 100 ender. In other words…I can’t move on until I buy that stupid dress and apron! *Sigh* I want to go after Mizuki———————-!

That aside, I’ll get past that roadblock and as for Be My Princess for Gree, I’m currently on Glenn’s route. He and I are at ‘A’ compatibility (same with Subaru…but I currently hate him for the roadblock), so I’m hoping to reach ‘S’ rank sometime. Alan is such a cutie so I have no problems with this route at this point XD

Anyways, enjoy your new year and if I can get anything to post, I’ll try my best. See you!

Another Q&A With alchemy5mage

Yes, we have another question and answering time with alchemy5mage. You guys really love these don’t you? I have no problems with it, but refrain from asking me personal questions that will embarrass me. I seriously got a question that asked me what my three sizes were, which, by the way, was ABSOLUTELY personal. So please don’t ask stuff like that. I seriously got scared when I got asked that and I really don’t want another question like that being asked. Okay, enough of that and let’s get on with this Q&A.

Q1. Do you wear glasses?

A: Yes I do. But I’m only short sighted, so I only wear them when I can’t see something in the distance. I like my glasses though, there’s no lying in that.

Q2. What was the most embarrassing thing you have done when you were young?

A: Ah…I can’t really remember that far along. I trip quite often back when I was young (and still do now…), so I guess whenever I fell, it was embarrassing. But then again, it hurts alright? Not really a laughing matter since my knees, both of them mind you, have permanent scars. I’m serious, it was that bad.

Q3. Your childhood shows?

A: There’s quite a few actually and unfortunately, majority, if not all, have been taken off the air. But I’ll tell you my ones anyways. There’s Cyberchase, Dragon Booster, The Adventures of Sam (really good show by the way), Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Arthur (come on, who doesn’t love this show?) a whole bunch of anime which I will not list (there are a tonne of them…) and the Adventures of Blinky Bill.

Blinky Bill I have only seen a couple of episodes, but I really liked it. Yes, I’m Vietnamese, but I live in Australia and therefore watch Australian shows. My favourite is definitely Arthur, Cyberchase and the Adventures of Sam.

Q4. What do you hate the most?

A: What do I hate huh? To put it simply, I hate a lot of things, no joke. I just don’t show it and I just don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s just not my thing. But what I really hate the most are people who view themselves as being higher than others. No, that doesn’t mean I’m higher than them, but I do think I’m a better person than they are at times. Then again, we’re all prideful creatures, so I definitely hate egotistical people. Also, I hate it when people aren’t honest with me. I’m honest most of the damn time and yet people aren’t honest with me, so I really hate that. Just say it to me, I don’t mind, really.

Q5. What is taking PSCEP so long?

A: I’m glad someone actually asked me that question. Look, it’s been two years, actually, just a bit over two years now since I’ve started the project. I’m not motivated to finishing it, but I’m not going to abandon it. That’s a whole 4-5 months of work being put into the project and I don’t plan to give it up. What the problem is now is that it won’t be released any time soon. I will try my best to work on it, but I have to review everything I wrote and try again. I’m running out of ideas people!

Q6. What is your favourite band?

A: This question always makes me want to tear my hair out. It’s a hard question, because I try my absolute best to not be biased. I still have favourites in a band though, but to answer your question, it is ViViD. Although recently, they haven’t released anything after Infinity so I shifted my attention onto Alice Nine. I really like Alice Nine’s Niji no Yuki and well as Senkou, so I don’t know why I’ve been neglecting them lately. Then again, I’ve also neglected other bands due to school work, so I’m hoping to quickly catch up on that.

Q7. Who are your favourite members in the bands you listen to?

A: Yet another question that asks for a bias. But this one is a lot easier to answer, but just putting it out there, I love the bands members equally. It’s just I’m more lenient with these following band members.

  • ViViD: Shin
  • Alice Nine: Shou
  • D=OUT: Kouki
  • SuG: Shinpei
  • SCREW: Kazuki
  • the Gazette: Ruki
  • Kagrra,: Isshi (by the way, rest in peace Isshi. May God watch over you)
  • Kra: Keiyuu
  • BORN: K
  • Royz: Subaru
  • Irokui: It’s a bit between Natsuki and Shuuta
  • Versailles: Kamijo
  • DaizyStripper: Kazami
  • D: Asagi
  • Vistlip: Tomo
  • Nightmare: Yomi
  • UNiTE: Yui

Notice something? Yes, majority of the members I chose are vocalists. Cookies to those who got it. There is a good reason why, I assure you. I’m more of a visual person, but it’s nice to hear the voices of the vocalists when they sing. I like hearing voices which can calm me down, in this case, it would definitely be Shou of Alice Nine. I’m not saying that the bands I didn’t choose their vocalists aren’t bad, I just happen to prefer another band member over them. But as I’ve said before, they’re all equal to me and I don’t believe there is anyone better than the other.

Q8. When will you write stories again?

A: Ever heard of a little thing called writer’s block? Well, I got it. I seriously start a story and then I go, ‘What the hell goes next?’ or ‘How the hell can I move this plot along?’. No matter how hard I try, nothing comes to mind. So I don’t think I’ll be starting stories anytime soon. But you either keep yourself entertained by my blog here or just go and read another writer’s stories. I rather you do the second option, please, my blog is not that amazing (I think it’s very boring in my opinion).

Q9. What is your favourite song of all time?

A: My favourite song out of all time? Well, it would have to be DaizyStripper’s Harumeku Bokura I’m a strong listener of ballad or soft songs, so Harumeku Bokura is a song I can listen to majority of the time. I honestly listened to this song when I was on the coach on my way back home from snow trip and was sleeping as well. It’s such a really nice song to listen to and yes, I did wake up and realised I still had my iPod on and the ear buds stuck in my ear.

Q10. If you had 10 million dollars, what would you do with them?

A: If only I had 10 million dollars, haha. I would definitely like to travel, mostly to Japan of course. I wouldn’t keep the money all to myself, my family needs it too so most of my money would go to my parents. It would help me buy stuff that I wanted for a very long time, but also on the more less selfish side, I would like to use it to help third world countries. We’re practically privileged to have technologies advanced as they are now. We have food, shelter and drinks, but third world countries don’t really, so I really would like to help assist in that.

And that was the final question. I have a lot more questions pending, but I don’t have the time to answer those. Thank you to those who submitted those questions and I don’t mind answering them as long as you send them to my email. But please, no personal questions likes the three sizes one, please. See you later!

So My Life So Far…

Hey guys, sorry for not being able to post anything in a while. The last thing I posted up was in…August? That’s almost three months of me being away from my blog, sorry about that. My exams are coming up so I barely any time to myself. Anyhow, I think I deserve to tell you what happened between the three month gap.

I got my learners’ license (back in july), but I must have forgotten to post about it. Oh well, I’m about 15-16 hours in? I don’t know, I haven’t checked my book in a while. I went on school camp and enjoyed that thoroughly. Sucks cause it’ll be my last camp unless I take a course in uni that allows me to go to camp. I also went to Supanova expo, which I had spent quite a few money on. I’ll post up what I bought some other time, but I had fun, not as much as last year, considering it rained on the only day we could go. I wore a Vampire Knight Day Class uniform that a friend lent me and no, I will not post myself wearing it. Privacy please.

My cousin returned my computer, so now I can access some of my old files, videos and music, not to mention I can play PC Otome games on it now that I don’t have to use the laptop. My laptop is only for schoolwork, so I don’t want any more games on it. Speaking of games, a friend lent me 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors to play, but I haven’t got all the endings he had recommended. And with no time left, I’m just going to get the Submarine ending over and done with and play the other endings some other time. Really good game guys, try it when you have the chance or opportunity.

What else? I don’t have much to say about Visual Kei, but I heard  SuG went on hiatus. I was shocked and disappointed at first, but I let it go, What can you do about it? It’s their choice. I haven’t been looking into to Visual Kei too much I apologise, but I have other things to do (study…).

And I think that settles everything. I keep getting requests in my inbox telling me I should do a bag check. They’re curious as to what I carry in my bag. I will try and do a video of that, mainly when my family is out of the house, that way it’s easier. And you guys also wanted to see my house…unfortunately, my whole house is not to be shown, but I can show you my room and that’s it. Like I said before, privacy please.

I’ll try to get the bag check done sometime and show you pictures of my room too. See you guys!

I’m Looking For A Beta-Reader

As the title says, I’m in need of a beta-reader. Let’s be honest, I’m not a perfect writer and I’m pretty average compared to others, but I thought, in order for me to learn from my mistakes, I need someone to check my work for me. So I’m searching for a beta-reader and I really need a qualified beta-reader. I don’t want ones who will change my stories, I just need someone to proofread my stories and see what I’m doing wrong and such and give suggestions. If you are interested, please comment below and I will give all credits to you when you check over my work. Thanks.

School Soon…Grrrrr

School is starting soon for me…and I don’t really like that. I lost a whole week out of my holidays thanks to my trip, but it was fun, but I start school very soon. I guess I shouldn’t complain but school is a drag…I just want to sit down and read and write stories like I always do.

Apart from that, nothing really happened (nothing interesting ever happens anymore DX), so I can’t really share much. I haven’t been buying games recently, only because there are barely anything I really want and I really don’t have the money. I’m saving up because I recently got my learners and my parents need to pay for my driving lessons.

Nothing to rant about, surprisingly. I don’t like ranting about, to be honest, but  somethings are just so unjustified so I had to put my input on it. But as I said, there’s nothing really to rant about. Oh, regarding Visual Kei, I can’t show or share any of it to my friends. They don’t get the gist of the point; VISUAL KEI. Of course they’re going to look elaborate and over the top and yes, some of them, do cross dress. I have no problems with cross dressing though. Everyone makes a big deal about Visual Kei, but it’s just for show. Nothing more.

That’s all I really have to say about it. You know, one of my friends watch anime and there are a lot of suspicious things in anime, but he can’t take Visual Kei. I shown him a picture of Royz just for the logo I managed to draw and he tried not to laugh at them. This is where, you my lovely readers, tell me with a reason; What is apparently so funny about Royz? This is the look I’m talking about;

Now I don’t want to be an ass and say he’s a horrible person, but my friend is a sweet and funny guy. But really, what he said really pissed me off. I may not have shown it, but I was furious. It’s just people in general who says Visual Kei is weird, funny, stupid or etc. So what? At least their music/songs are pretty good (some aren’t that great though and I’m not just talking about Royz), cause I’ve heard songs that suck and are sung in English.

And here’s another thing I want you readers to justify on. Why should people hate pop? Now being a listener of music, I can listen to mostly any kind of music. I don’t like screamos though, I can bear with it to an extent, but I can’t say I ever like the idea of vocalists screaming into the microphones *looks to ex-V-last vocalist Shyena*, yeah, A-live had a lot of screaming and that really wasn’t cool…Why did I ask the question though? Two of my friends hate pop music…but you can’t be a real listener to music if you don’t listen to pop. Their answer was that it was not good…without a justified reason. So that’s why I’m giving you readers a chance to speak for it. Comment here or send a message to my email is fine, just so long I can get a good response.

Thanks and see you later!