Otome Games Q&A

Yet we have another Q&A, but this time, most of the questions were otome games. I guess since I started playing them again, people have been bombarding questions on me with it. No personal questions were asked this time…and I hope it stays that way, but here we go with another Q&A.

Q1. What was your first otome game?

A: Hah, well to be honest, it was Princess Debut and Fatal Hearts. I know Fatal Hearts isn’t really otome in a sense, but I love the game so much. Princess Debut was really and I mean really good. It’s a bit cheesy and kiddish, but I enjoyed it very much. Back when I was a little girl, otome games weren’t too big, so I ended  up playing Japanese RPG and games instead. No, Tokimeki Memorial was not my first otome game, but it’s a good series nonetheless.

Q2. What is your favourite otome game?

A: I’d have to say Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story and AMNESIA. TMGS3 kept you busy a lot of the time so you pretty much are forced to time manage and think ahead. It really helps for me to get better at the game and find out quick routes as well. And AMNESIA, mainly because it’s a lot more different than other otome games. Sure, it doesn’t have a lot of romance in it, but the story is really good and it’s pretty dark too, despite the pretty artwork and all.

Q3. Of all the otome games you’ve played, who is your favourite character?

A: Did you seriously have to ask that? It’s a very difficult question considering I’ve played so much…um…let me think…I’d have to say Shitara Seiji from TMGS3. I was torn between him and Ikki from AMNESIA and a bunch of other characters, but that’s beside the point. I suppose it was because Shitara was a really interesting character and he was a huge tsundere, which are the types I like. But man that was a hard question, gave me a headache thinking about it…

Q4. What otome game are you currently playing?

A: I am playing a couple at once. I have Be My Princess for Gree and non-Gree, My Sweet Bodyguard for Gree, Ninja Love and plenty of other Voltage games which I recently gotten into. I suppose I’m spamming the Gree games constantly while I get more money to buy routes for the other non-Gree games. I’m worried on Glenn’s Christman route though. I only got one good answer, I’m on the third stage and I’m running out of time!!!

Q5. Any characters that aren’t playable, but you want to be playable?

A: Yes, well, he’s already confirmed for the Japanese release, but for the English, I’m not too sure. Zain from Be My Princess. He’s Nobel Michel’s butler and well, I really want to play him, considering the hell I went through when playing Ivan’s route in My Sweet Prince. Here’s a picture of Zain if you wanted to know who I’m talking about. That aside, I do want butler routes for the rest of the butlers.

zain1Q6. Are there any otome games you want to get right now?

A: I’ve been putting off otome games because of school and countless of other games, but I have to pick up BROTHERS CONFLICT, AMNESIA Later and Atelier Elkrone. I’m not sure if they are any available, but I do seriously want to get those games.

Q7. As we all know, otome games tend to have female who will stop at nothing to get the guy you want. Which of these girls do you hate the most?

A: It’s easy to answer this question, but it’s hard to answer the question when it asks for your favourites. Sad huh? Well, I hated the Ikki fangirls from AMNESIA so much. They were so bitchy and psycho, no really, they were. I can’t remember how many times they appeared during Ikki’s route and Rika wasn’t any better. She still was a bitch, even if she was somewhat nice in Ukyo’s route. But, a lot of people can agree with me that a lot of the Voltage girls are bitches. Not all or them are, but most of them are so annoying and bitchy. I absolutely did not like Yurika Nakazono (I don’t even remember if that is her last name or not) from Seduced in Sleepless City. She’s just got her status as a celebrity so far up her head, so that’s probably why I didn’t like her.

Q8. What was the worst moment you had when playing otome games?

A: I’ve posted this on tumblr before, but click here to see my answer to this question.

Q9. Any favourite side characters?

A: I liked Sawa from AMNESIA as well was Miyo and Karen from TMGS3. I know I’m referring a lot to these two games, but they really are the only ones that come to memory. I can’t remember too much. Most of the others games don’t have many side characters.

Q10. What one be the one otome you would recommend to everyone?

A: I know everyone probably says to try Hakuouki first, especially since there’s an English translated one, but I much rather you try the Tokimeki Memorial Girls’ Side series. I suppose they would be better as starting otome games than anything, because at least you do more than just pick choices and read all the time.

And that’s today’s Q&A. Sorry for not being able to update, but there’s barely anything I can post about. Plus, I’ve been spending most of my time playing otome games, yes shoot me, but I really like them. I hope you find this Q&A interesting and I’ll see you another time.


Another Q&A With alchemy5mage

Yes, we have another question and answering time with alchemy5mage. You guys really love these don’t you? I have no problems with it, but refrain from asking me personal questions that will embarrass me. I seriously got a question that asked me what my three sizes were, which, by the way, was ABSOLUTELY personal. So please don’t ask stuff like that. I seriously got scared when I got asked that and I really don’t want another question like that being asked. Okay, enough of that and let’s get on with this Q&A.

Q1. Do you wear glasses?

A: Yes I do. But I’m only short sighted, so I only wear them when I can’t see something in the distance. I like my glasses though, there’s no lying in that.

Q2. What was the most embarrassing thing you have done when you were young?

A: Ah…I can’t really remember that far along. I trip quite often back when I was young (and still do now…), so I guess whenever I fell, it was embarrassing. But then again, it hurts alright? Not really a laughing matter since my knees, both of them mind you, have permanent scars. I’m serious, it was that bad.

Q3. Your childhood shows?

A: There’s quite a few actually and unfortunately, majority, if not all, have been taken off the air. But I’ll tell you my ones anyways. There’s Cyberchase, Dragon Booster, The Adventures of Sam (really good show by the way), Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Arthur (come on, who doesn’t love this show?) a whole bunch of anime which I will not list (there are a tonne of them…) and the Adventures of Blinky Bill.

Blinky Bill I have only seen a couple of episodes, but I really liked it. Yes, I’m Vietnamese, but I live in Australia and therefore watch Australian shows. My favourite is definitely Arthur, Cyberchase and the Adventures of Sam.

Q4. What do you hate the most?

A: What do I hate huh? To put it simply, I hate a lot of things, no joke. I just don’t show it and I just don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s just not my thing. But what I really hate the most are people who view themselves as being higher than others. No, that doesn’t mean I’m higher than them, but I do think I’m a better person than they are at times. Then again, we’re all prideful creatures, so I definitely hate egotistical people. Also, I hate it when people aren’t honest with me. I’m honest most of the damn time and yet people aren’t honest with me, so I really hate that. Just say it to me, I don’t mind, really.

Q5. What is taking PSCEP so long?

A: I’m glad someone actually asked me that question. Look, it’s been two years, actually, just a bit over two years now since I’ve started the project. I’m not motivated to finishing it, but I’m not going to abandon it. That’s a whole 4-5 months of work being put into the project and I don’t plan to give it up. What the problem is now is that it won’t be released any time soon. I will try my best to work on it, but I have to review everything I wrote and try again. I’m running out of ideas people!

Q6. What is your favourite band?

A: This question always makes me want to tear my hair out. It’s a hard question, because I try my absolute best to not be biased. I still have favourites in a band though, but to answer your question, it is ViViD. Although recently, they haven’t released anything after Infinity so I shifted my attention onto Alice Nine. I really like Alice Nine’s Niji no Yuki and well as Senkou, so I don’t know why I’ve been neglecting them lately. Then again, I’ve also neglected other bands due to school work, so I’m hoping to quickly catch up on that.

Q7. Who are your favourite members in the bands you listen to?

A: Yet another question that asks for a bias. But this one is a lot easier to answer, but just putting it out there, I love the bands members equally. It’s just I’m more lenient with these following band members.

  • ViViD: Shin
  • Alice Nine: Shou
  • D=OUT: Kouki
  • SuG: Shinpei
  • SCREW: Kazuki
  • the Gazette: Ruki
  • Kagrra,: Isshi (by the way, rest in peace Isshi. May God watch over you)
  • Kra: Keiyuu
  • BORN: K
  • Royz: Subaru
  • Irokui: It’s a bit between Natsuki and Shuuta
  • Versailles: Kamijo
  • DaizyStripper: Kazami
  • D: Asagi
  • Vistlip: Tomo
  • Nightmare: Yomi
  • UNiTE: Yui

Notice something? Yes, majority of the members I chose are vocalists. Cookies to those who got it. There is a good reason why, I assure you. I’m more of a visual person, but it’s nice to hear the voices of the vocalists when they sing. I like hearing voices which can calm me down, in this case, it would definitely be Shou of Alice Nine. I’m not saying that the bands I didn’t choose their vocalists aren’t bad, I just happen to prefer another band member over them. But as I’ve said before, they’re all equal to me and I don’t believe there is anyone better than the other.

Q8. When will you write stories again?

A: Ever heard of a little thing called writer’s block? Well, I got it. I seriously start a story and then I go, ‘What the hell goes next?’ or ‘How the hell can I move this plot along?’. No matter how hard I try, nothing comes to mind. So I don’t think I’ll be starting stories anytime soon. But you either keep yourself entertained by my blog here or just go and read another writer’s stories. I rather you do the second option, please, my blog is not that amazing (I think it’s very boring in my opinion).

Q9. What is your favourite song of all time?

A: My favourite song out of all time? Well, it would have to be DaizyStripper’s Harumeku Bokura I’m a strong listener of ballad or soft songs, so Harumeku Bokura is a song I can listen to majority of the time. I honestly listened to this song when I was on the coach on my way back home from snow trip and was sleeping as well. It’s such a really nice song to listen to and yes, I did wake up and realised I still had my iPod on and the ear buds stuck in my ear.

Q10. If you had 10 million dollars, what would you do with them?

A: If only I had 10 million dollars, haha. I would definitely like to travel, mostly to Japan of course. I wouldn’t keep the money all to myself, my family needs it too so most of my money would go to my parents. It would help me buy stuff that I wanted for a very long time, but also on the more less selfish side, I would like to use it to help third world countries. We’re practically privileged to have technologies advanced as they are now. We have food, shelter and drinks, but third world countries don’t really, so I really would like to help assist in that.

And that was the final question. I have a lot more questions pending, but I don’t have the time to answer those. Thank you to those who submitted those questions and I don’t mind answering them as long as you send them to my email. But please, no personal questions likes the three sizes one, please. See you later!