3 Year Anniversary!!

So, uh, my blog notification had told me that this is my 3rd year operating on wordpress, which means, this is my third year anniversary! I started this blog back in 2010 as a hobby and to share things, but I never expected to get so many supporters and even though not every spoke to me, I know you’re supporting me from the view counts and such.

I’m no good with speeches haha, so my way of thanks is making this quick edit for you guys~


Seriously, thank you so much for sticking with me for all these three years and I hope you’ll continue to support me, even though I’m such a terrible person for not checking this blog often. I really try to and I will try harder to make sure this blog gets as updated as possible.

I also remember last year only having 20, 000+ views, but this year I have 50, 000+ views and that was only achievable because of you guys. I don’t have very many followers and I believe quality is better than quantity anyways so thank you for those who supported me ever since I started my blog. Thank you to those who don’t follow me, but support me anonymously or from the sidelines. Thank you to those who only started following me recently. I love you all and thank you for making my wordpress and otome experience so much fun and thank you for the all the support.

I wish you all a great Merry Christmas and New Year! Best safe, spend quality time with family and friends and enjoy the final remainders of 2013 and I’ll definitely be returning again in 2014 so do expect more posts in the future.

Thank you again and see you guys another time~

Ugh, so many drafts…

Sorry for not being active here for a while guys. I’ve been busy catching up on tumblr, anime, manga and games so I have been neglecting to update this blog.

But I’m back and hopefully, I’ll try and be as active as I can be.

First off, I gotta clear my drafts. There are articles and unpublished posts that need to be cleared since I won’t need them anymore. Some were even from 2011


Also, I recently got myself Fire Emblem Awakening (it came late in Australia and I really only picked it up about two weeks ago), so do expect some posts on that too.

Once again, I’ll be back to stating my impression on otome games once more, since, apparently, that’s what I’m good at


Anyhow, I’ll check otomate and see what new games they have before I state my opinion on it. First off, those drafts now


I hate maths so damn much :S

Yep. Title is pretty self-explanatory. Sorry, I just don’t like maths. Doesn’t mean I’m dumb or stupid–maths is just pain in the ass subject, that’s all.

Oh well, I did my studying tonight. Once my maths exam is out of the way, everything will calm down just a tad bit. I’ll be able to relax just a little bit, but I’ll still be very busy.

In fact, I barely did anything on my otome games today; was too busy to even really settle down and play them.

Not to mention, my anime back log is building up as days go on. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger–at this rate, it’ll take me YEARS before I finish that back log.

Ugh. Oh well.

There’s nothing really to say anymore, because I’ll be heading to bed soon and then get up early in the morning to study again.

Yay <- sarcasm necessary.

Not to mention, I had a terrifying nightmare last night–I’m not even gonna tell you guys. It was terrifying, even for me who can play and watch horror survival games/movies. You could try and guess, but I HIGHLY doubt you can guess what it is. It’s very unlikely that you will know exactly why my nightmare had terrified me. I’m even afraid of sleeping so the moment I wake up, I’ll most likely study.


Oh well, it’s about time for me to head off to bed. Night guys. See you sometime after my exams (or when I have free time).

I am sorry mates of mine…

I’m sure you’re aware of me going around madly greeting you guys and flooding your message boards. I just wanted to earn more gacha points to be ready for new events and stuff–if it annoys you, I’m sorry.

GREE is evil alright? I normally like to play games without bugging others, but lately, I released how low I am on cruz, enders and salaries as well as gacha points, so I’m trying to build that up without using actual money. I’ve only bought two cards in BMP, the rest of the money spent was on closet space/storage space etc.

Yeeeeeeeeep. This greeting madness will be coming up quite frequently, I’m sorry.


…Hold the phone…WHAT?

Did someone seriously went to search me up?? Like seriously? And not even by my username!

whatI don’t understand you people…but I’m not Japanese…I’ll just say that now. I am NOT Japanese–I may know some Japanese, but it’s not my nationality.


Unless it was for something else, but this surprised me greatly.


EDIT: It may have been a Japanese female child idol. :/ Well that explains everything—-I got scared for a second there, thinking someone actually tried to look me up that way. My name is not Mana-chan nor is it Manami–I just go by that name to avoid revealing my real name. Now that that’s clear, phew, I can relax a little.

Mana-chan Personal

Is it sad that I want to get an ending another than the Super Happy End/Happy End?

Cause I just seem to have this unique ability to get the best ending on my first try with otome games…

Which is why I always never have enough otome games to last me a whole month cause I just finish them all so quickly in just one try…

Junya, please give me the good end so I can replay your route and get the happy end. I don’t care how long that’ll take me, I just want to have a route to replay over and over, trying to get the happy end CAUSE I ALWAYS GET THE HAPPY END ON MY FIRST TRY.

Mana-chan Personal

So today, I have played through Be My Princess June Bride and Junya Sakurazawa’s Epilogue (yes I actually went and bought it. The epilogue was a the cheapest way to find out if I want to buy Junya’s main route).

…I have completely procrastinated on schoolwork.


Gotta work on that tomorrow. It’s eight in the night over here…maybe I should get a start on Shion’s main route and do work tomorrow.

Ugh…I hate school…