Ugh, so many drafts…

Sorry for not being active here for a while guys. I’ve been busy catching up on tumblr, anime, manga and games so I have been neglecting to update this blog.

But I’m back and hopefully, I’ll try and be as active as I can be.

First off, I gotta clear my drafts. There are articles and unpublished posts that need to be cleared since I won’t need them anymore. Some were even from 2011


Also, I recently got myself Fire Emblem Awakening (it came late in Australia and I really only picked it up about two weeks ago), so do expect some posts on that too.

Once again, I’ll be back to stating my impression on otome games once more, since, apparently, that’s what I’m good at


Anyhow, I’ll check otomate and see what new games they have before I state my opinion on it. First off, those drafts now


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