Hey, Hey…I’ll Let You in on a Little Secret…

I’ve actually been working on a little project in secret, even though I said I was taking a break from writing. It’s basically a CYOA story where you play one of the four characters I’ve created. And the universe? A variety of characters from the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series, The World Ends With You etc etc etc. I don’t have an exact date for the ending, because, to be honest, I don’t intend for this story to end so quickly. So basically, you can think of it as a way to read fanfics of the variety of characters available. Anyways, more under the cut if you want to read more about it.

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Type-0 Character Guide

I’m not dead everyone! Just out of commission, because of Christmas so everything has been busy for me. In my spare time, I have been polishing my skills on the 14 playable characters of Type-0 and I have pretty much used everyone and mastered the majority of them. This was due to me just exploring the game and then when I start a new game, I know what to expect. And for those who are awaiting the English version (which is currently underway), I will give you the best guide I can give on the game. The guide most likely won’t be ready for awhile, but once I find the time, I will work on it and it mostly revolves around the characters and summons; there will be no spoilers. I refuse to spoil the story plot for those who want to play the game. But if you want to know more, send a message to my email (alchemy5mage@hotmail.com) and I’ll be sure to reply to you.

Almost The End of School!

That’s right! My tenth year of school is almost over! I just got the exams and that’s it! I’m free until next year! I’m very sorry for not updating in about…a whole lot of days? But that’s because I’ve done other stuff rather than finishing off games, which the list is currently building up. FFType-0 came in and I really like it. It’s the most decent game Square Enix has made in years! Well, I guess I like it because you have a wider variety of characters to master and not to mention that the game is quite challenging. You may find yourself in a situation where you have only three characters left. Goes to show how much I need to practice in on this game.

The soundtrack is really good, in my opinion. It doesn’t beat FFX perfect OST, but I say it’s pretty close. The characters I’m really good at are Ace, Seven, Trey, Rem, Nine, Eight and Sice. There are others where I am decent, but I struggle with Deuce, Cinque, Jack and King. I suppose it’s because they are quite slow and I’m more towards the faster characters. Oh and as a word of warning if you have the game, DO NOT come in any contact with the dual horns on the world map (unless you already have and found out that way); they will slaughter you.

I also got other things to do such as my stories and fanfictions. I have new ones planning to be announced, but not so much being worked on. Crystals of Suzaku I haven’t abandoned, but I’m finding it hard to continue because I know the storyline in FFType-0 and no new ideas come to me. Just give me time and I will be able to write something for it. Thank you.

Completed Type-0 Natsubi Demo!

Yep! You read right! I have completed the demo! Actually, I would have beaten the demo earlier, but my save file went missing so I had to start again. On the bright side, I finished the demo, so I got everyone’s summer uniform, ready to be transferred to the final game. After playing the demo, I really want the game to be released now, even though I only have to wait three more days. Can’t wait and really, if you hadn’t try the demo, you should get it, just to practice before you buy the final game and as a bonus, you get the summer uniforms to use in the final game.


I have to say, this is one of my most favourite games! I don’t care if you hate it or not, I love this game! Very big fan of this game! At first I bought it mainly because I loved the artwork style and the story seemed interesting. Here’s the thing, AMNESIA’s story will always be somewhat different so that’s why I’m not going to get bored of this game. I haven’t been spamming the skip button I’ve noticed. It will take me a while to finish it, but I will finish AMNESIA. Until TYB DARK CHERRY arrives, I’ll play this game. Because TYB is pretty short, I’ll get it out of the way so I can play AMNESIA. I have Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayorihime Denshou Portable and the fandisk, Moujuutsukai to Oujisama Portable, Musketeer les sang de Chevaliers, Hakuoki Reimeiroku Portable and AMNESIA itself. Out of those PSP games I’ve played, AMNESIA is by far my favourite. I haven’t finished all of them yet, but’s that because of school work and I’m very slow at these stuff. Gekka Ryouran Romance has still yet to be released and come  in and I still need to find BROTHERS CONFLICT PP & BB. Another game that caught my eye is Elkrone no Atelier. ClOCK ZERO I’ll leave for another time considering I’m waiting for FFType-0. Since the overseas version isn’t announced, I’ll just play the Japanese version myself. I know the Atelier series and correct me if I’m wrong, but is the Heroine voiced? Anyways, I have things to keep me busy during the holidays if my internet stuffs up on me. AMNESIA will be reviewed when I’m finished, only because I love it so much.

Trey, Cinque and Cater

Finally, the three have finally got their image. They have still yet to appear on the site though…


I have been anticipating his appearance for a while and when I saw it, well, I don’t know. He looks really feminine. I mean, in the artwork he looked boyish, but here, he looks really feminine. I love his longbow though. Anyways, he is supposed to be calm and collected, but can be chatty sometimes. Haha, I guess that makes him the smart type that likes to ramble on and on. I’d like to play as him though.


She looks so much different from the artwork and her mace looks ginormous compared to that same artwork. Anyways, she seems like the girly type to me and she reminds me of one of my own characters. I think she’s probably the more powerful one of the girls to be honest. I think she’s going to be an awesome character.


In my opinion, has to be the character mostly related to me. She’s direct and confident, similar to my blunt personality. Cater was the last to be announced, but I wonder why she wasn’t announced earlier? Ah oh well, she’s been announced now, so I can’t wait to play as her. She can’t move whilst shoot though…