3 Year Anniversary!!

So, uh, my blog notification had told me that this is my 3rd year operating on wordpress, which means, this is my third year anniversary! I started this blog back in 2010 as a hobby and to share things, but I never expected to get so many supporters and even though not every spoke to me, I know you’re supporting me from the view counts and such.

I’m no good with speeches haha, so my way of thanks is making this quick edit for you guys~


Seriously, thank you so much for sticking with me for all these three years and I hope you’ll continue to support me, even though I’m such a terrible person for not checking this blog often. I really try to and I will try harder to make sure this blog gets as updated as possible.

I also remember last year only having 20, 000+ views, but this year I have 50, 000+ views and that was only achievable because of you guys. I don’t have very many followers and I believe quality is better than quantity anyways so thank you for those who supported me ever since I started my blog. Thank you to those who don’t follow me, but support me anonymously or from the sidelines. Thank you to those who only started following me recently. I love you all and thank you for making my wordpress and otome experience so much fun and thank you for the all the support.

I wish you all a great Merry Christmas and New Year! Best safe, spend quality time with family and friends and enjoy the final remainders of 2013 and I’ll definitely be returning again in 2014 so do expect more posts in the future.

Thank you again and see you guys another time~