Mana-chan will be talking about Snow Bound Land tonight~

Yep. I’m gonna be talking about the game that will be coming later on this year; Snow Bound Land.

snowboundlandThat will be coming later tonight. I’m kinda busy with my fanfiction work for Fire Emblem Awakening right now, so I’ll get to this tonight. But I am seriously looking forward to this game and we’ll see IF I’ll be able to get myself a copy.

Cause I’m so behind


12 thoughts on “Mana-chan will be talking about Snow Bound Land tonight~

    • It does look like Glass Heart Princess and a mix with Moujuutsukai too with the colouring scheme and light brush strokes compared to GHP’s sparkly and sleek appearance. I can’t wait to see what it’ like :3

      • Definitely. It definitely will look awesome. The main plot sounds like something new and fun to play through. It’s gonna be awesome, along with Jewish Nitemare (I think that’s the name?) too. It looks very 1800s…shakespearean clothing? I can’t wait, either~

      • Hmm, Jewish Nightmare? I think you mean Jewelic Nightmare or something XDD But yeah, I definitely can’t wait for Snow Bound Land. It’ll be released a week after my formal, marking the end of my high school year so I’ll definitely preorder it 😀 Now…limited or regular? I might go for limited but we’ll see how it goes 🙂

      • Oh, boy. Tell me how it goes~ I bet you’re gonna dress up really nicely on formal, haha. But either way, I’m really excited for it, and the fandisk of GHP is coming out and stuff, so yay 2013. I think most LEs are about 20 dollars or so more expensive than the normal edition–although if you think about the shipping and the proxies and all that other good stuff…well, I hope it will be worth its price~

      • I’m not too looking towards the formal, but I suppose it’ll be fun. And dresses, I hate dresses haha XDD but I’ll tell you about it on tumblr or skype 😀 Yeah, I’m excited for Snow Bound Land too and I really want that GHP Fandisk myself, but I got to get the original game first. And yes limited editions are usually expensive, but I’ll see what it offers and debate whether to buy it or the regular edition.

      • I’m sure you’ll have a fun time at the formal. But you’re right, dresses really are no fun. I’ve spent a month looking for mine back in grade 12 but that wasn’t any fun. If the LE is only a couple of dollars more expensive, it might be more worth it buying the LE, but totally up to you. I hope you’ll be able to to enjoy it when it does come out~

      • I don’t like shopping for dresses with my mum. .____. She’ll go nuts about it and I’ll be like, ‘where is the corner? i’m gonna go and sit in there,’. But we’ll see what the limited edition brings before I preorder my copy 😀

      • haha, same here. I got so tired of shopping for dresses, trying them on one by one since the dresses didn’t fit me /sobs/. I’m sure in a couple of days, the contents will be revealed on the official site.

      • Well, November’s right around the corner, so I’ll have to go shopping sometime soon :X

        And yeah, I’m waiting for more content to be released on the official site. Still gotta translate the ‘Red World’ characters, but I’ll get to that.

      • Ahhh, hopefully it will be fun~ Good luck at formal prom~ Well, november is really right around the corner, but hnnrgh, I’m still waiting for October 24 for KamiAso.

        Hopefully it will come out somewhere along August or so~

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