Working on PSCEP

Okay so I haven’t been blogging for a while, mainly because of Shinkenger, Go-Onger, Gekiranger and Goseiger, but you can’t blame me for finding the Sentai series much better than the Power Rangers. I don’t mind the Power Rangers so much, but I find the Sentai series more enjoyable, mind you. Anyways, yes, I have been working on PSCEP and I want to get this finish! It’s wayyy overdue and I’M NOT EVEN HALFWAY YET! I’ve had to adjust a few things, but I will say this now; the timeline may be different to now and the order of songs that appear don’t really matter. It is a AU of sort, but it’s supposed to be individual from what is happening in the real world. So don’t tell me that the dates or songs are off, because I don’t have time to go through and re-fix the whole project.

Anyhow, the project is going great so far, I’m satisfied with it so far and I have been proofreading and editing it myself. Oh if the heroine (you of course) seems a bit bland and have no character, I’m very sorry, but I tried to make her neutral in a way. I already got a website ready for me to use it when I finish the project, but I think it’s still a bit bland, so I’ll jazz it up a bit, when I compete PSCEP. I will NEVER do this again, unless it has a maximum of five guys. I feel like an idiot for thinking such a thing. As I said numerous time, the only bands eligible are The GazettE, Alice Nine, SuG, SCREW and ViViD. Actually…just read the points below;


  • The GazettE, Alice Nine, SuG, SCREW and ViViD band members are eligible.
  • Guests will appear during the course of the story e.g. Miyavi, Nishikawa Takanori etc
  • Mitsuru and Yuuto are eligible, but must be unlocked.
  • Kra, Kagrra, BORN and D=OUT will be involved in the story. The four vocalists of the four bands mentioned will be supporting you.
  • No decrease in affection points.
  • The four bands mentioned in the second last point above will not be eligible.
  • Choices could either raise or not raise affection with the eligible bands.
  • Other bands outside of PSC will not be eligible either.
  • JPop bands or singers won’t appear in the story.
  • Love triangles are used, but you cannot get a 3P ending.
So that’s what you’re going to expect when the project is completed. I might make another one for a totally different thing, but that can only happen if I got enough time on my hand and there are limited amount of choices to go from. I’m thinking of turning this into a fan made visual novel, but I don’t have the time to do it, so it’s just going to be a regular novel. I know some of you may be eyeing the love triangle point. Yes, love triangles are involved, just not too much. I won’t go into too much detail or I could give the whole thing away. Some of you may be cheering at the ‘no decrease in affection’ point. Yeah, after this and I consider making another one, that’s not going to be there. So when it comes out, enjoy it as much as you can. Another thing, I said there was no decrease in affection, but depending on the choices you pick, you may either pick someone else, the person you’re after is not there and you gain no affection for that character at all. The website in which I’m putting it on will not allow you to go back and pick another choice, so you pretty much have to think before going to a room or place.
A walkthrough will be made, but that’s only after this is finished. The walkthrough will tell you what choices you make to get a certain guy and where he is. It will also tell you how to unlock Mitsuru and Yuuto (although I don’t think it’s really that hard to unlock them…).
Oh, before I go, I want you to check out this guy’s site. He has such an adorable smile!
This is Hamao Kyousuke and I find out about him from Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Seriously, his smile can kill you because it’s so adorable.

Is It Just Me Or Is The Climate Moody Lately?

Seriously, yesterday was as cold as the Arctic and today was fairly sunny. How the climate works is beyond me. So anyways, I heard the new STORM LOVER was coming out in August and I was thinking of buying it, but decided against it since I have already a few games I plan to get over it. STORM LOVER is a fairly decent game, but don’t expect much when playing it. I only play it because most of the guys’ quirks were lolworthy. The heroine annoyed me to be honest. The game itself is pretty average and there isn’t really any plot at all. Plus it’s fairly expensive so if you have a lot of money on your hands, I’d say you’re pretty much wasting your money on this game. The game is called STORM LOVER Natsu Koi for those who want to find out more about it. Amnesia on the other hand, seems much more interesting. Still the parameters kind of put me off…

Anyone like Visual Kei? More specially ViViD? SuG is still my favourite, but ViViD has been really on the ball ever since they debuted. Their new single, 「BLUE」, will be released in July and I might get myself a copy. Whether I get all three or just one depends on how much it adds up altogether. Reason why I want to buy all three is because it’s probably the first time ever in a PSC band that they have two alternate costumes for that one song. Outfits are nice though, probably slightly different from their previous looks, but still cool.

Looks cool right? Seems much more casual than their Type B one. Type A seems a more modern rock image, whilst Type B has the more Visual Kei look.

See? More Visual Kei look than Type A. If you ask which one is my favourite, well it depends on the clothing on the person. I mean Type A suits Ryouga and Reno more. Type B suits IV and Ko-Ki more. Shin’s pretty much an all rounder.

Seriously, they both suit him. but I’ll be honest, I much rather Type B look on Shin, only because I think he’s the prettiest out of the ViViD members. I’ll classify it this way, Type A has the more cool and dare I say sexy look, Type B has the more pretty/cute look. Not going to lie. So the outfit I prefer for Shin would be:

Type B

Reno is pretty much the pretty boy and sexy boy guitarist. He can fit into both category, but I find that darker toned coloured outfit suits him better. Light outfits, I don’t know, I just don’t think it gives him that same pretty/sexy boy look. So Reno’s outfit would be:

Type A

There is no doubt about it, Ryouga would definitely fit the hot and sexy boy image. And these type of guys need dark toned colours to bring out that ‘sexiness’. I mean if you look at his Type B outfit, you can’t really see sexiness coming off of it. It almost seems casual and plain on him. Ryouga’s outfit would have to be:

Type A

Come on, we all know that IV is a cute small guy. Cute small guys need to have bright and cute clothing, whether they’re manly or feminine. Sure IV is quite manly and that Type A may suit him, but, he’s a small and cute guy, so he needs clothing to emphasis his cuteness. Bright and light coloured outfits do cuteness justice. The best outfit for IV is:

Type B

What? Ko-Ki? Punk clothing? Please, Ko-Ki is supposed to be mischievous, adorable and cute. There’s no way I can see Ko-Ki is punk clothing. If it was cute and punky put together than that would make more sense, but Ko-Ki is adorable and should be suited to more cuter and almost innocent clothing to contrast his mischievousness. So the most suited outfit for Ko-Ki is:

Type B

If you think of it this way, you could say Type B overrules, but as I said before, the clothing depends on the person. You may either agree or disagree with me, but I think my response were pretty good. But if you disagree with any of it, that’s fine, because afterall, this is my opinion and because I may take fashion designing as a second career for myself, novelist being my actual career, this is how I would state my opinion on clothing. I’m not saying you should change your clothing style to suit how you look, but since these guys have an almost different persona in their music career, I have to state what clothes suit or not suit them.

Yeah, as I said before, don’t change your clothing style. If you like a particular style of clothing, then wear it. I do know what clothes go together, but I only ever tell that to people who need a change of fashion. Right now, everytime I tell my friend something that doesn’t suit their overall fashion, they usually agree and when they change, it looks so much better. So unless I can see the outfit with my own eyes, I can’t say if it suits you or not. But don’t expect me to be professional yet. I would need like a ton of models to stand in front of me so I can compare the outfit another outfit or compare the clothing in the outfit itself.

Anyways, I encourage you to support ViViD and if you wish to say whose outfit type suits who, then go ahead and post your comment.