Mana-chan Talks: Snow Bound Land

Okay, as promised, I’m gonna be talking about Snow Bound Land–it’s another otome game that will be distributed by Otomate. This game caught my eyes a couple months back when it was announced, but at that time, I was too busy to even give it another thought. Now that I have time, I’m just gonna state my impression on it and I hope you guys are excited for the game as much as I am. snowboundlandlogoGame: SNOW BOUND LAND 「スノウ・バウンド・ランド」

Developer: Otomate, Idea Factory, Design Factory

Release Date: 21 November 2013

Official Website:

The art style reminds me of Glass Heart Princess mixed with Moujuutsukai to Oujisama. I suppose it’s cause of the character designs (Glass Heart Princess) and the colouring and shading (Moujuutsukai to Oujisama), but I really do adore the art. I hope I will be able to pick this game up, because during my midst of translating, I found myself becoming more and more excited for the game. And I haven’t been picking up Otomate games lately, so I want to redeem myself and pick this game up, along with plenty of other otome games still on my hit list. So let’s start with the story summary that I translated. It’s not perfect, but I think you get the general gist of it.

Gerda, the heroine, lives in a small village.

Together with her childhood friend, Kai, the two spend much time with each other at a young age. They were surrounded by their favourite flowers and lived in peace.

Then one day—-

I got a hand mirror and Kai said that, ‘a wish can come true,’.

For the occasion were present.

A sickly subservient – Orva

An energetic apprentice cook – Craes

A travelling swordsman with no sense of direction – Aje

If you look into the mirror with skepticism, it will shatter, loses consciousness and be wrapped up in the light.

Then, Gerda and her companions woke up.

The mirror had shattered into pieces and disappeared without a trace.

Not knowing what happen, Gerda and her companions returned home.

However, there had been changes in each of the body—-?!

From what I can tell, it seems that this mirror caused some sort of change in their bodies (which could affect them badly or whatever), but to me, it seems that this mirror may link with Snow Bound Land, which is the title of the game. I’ll have to play the game to understand more, but that’s the general gist of the translation (which is a fail on my part, I apologise). Now, below the cut are the characters for Snow Bound Land. I’ll be giving my impression on them, so it’ll be pretty lengthy and contains my own opinion on how they might play out in the game. There’s the heroine and five chaseable bachelors, I believe. So yeah, more under the cut.


GERDA 「ゲルダ」(主人公)




Gerda is our heroine for Snow Bound Land. Let’s talk about her character, design–I absolutely adore her design. No joke. Also, she resembles Tiana a bit from Moujuutsukai to Oujisama so she’s absolutely stunning. I could spend hours gushing over Gerda, but I really need this to stay as detailed but short as I can. Now, as to whether or not she’s as strong willed as Tiana, that’s another thing, but I honestly don’t mind if she’s not like Tiana. Tiana is a beastmaster, but I’m fairly certain Gerda is not. In fact, she might be a florist (but again, I’m not to sure with my translations) since this whole game seems to be focused on flowers. Well from my translations with her CG scene with Kai anyways haha.

Anyhow, I really think I’m going to enjoy Gerda as the main character. I’ve seen so much heroine/MC hate that I would be mad if Gerda is treated like that as well. To me, Gerda seems like a sweet girl, but she’s not timid. She seems soft spoken, but I really don’t think she’s shy. The only thing I wish is that Gerda wasn’t her name, because Moujuutsukai to Oujisama has a character of the same name. I don’t do well with characters that have the same name especially if they are somewhat similar to each other. But then again, Gerda means ‘protected/guarded’ so I suppose it fits her here. I’m thinking she’s being protected from the Snow Queen, whom I’ll get to later on.

KAI 「カイ」




Kai is Gerda’s childhood friend and to me; YES OSANAJIMI ROUTE!! I generally like the osanajimi route, however, some games in the past kinda deterred me away from that preference. But I think I might like Kai as an osanajimi–he’s polite, kind and a gentleman (which is my weakness). I just hope he’s not too overprotective and goes ‘YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT. WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU? LISTEN TO ME’ *coughs*shinoguoomi*coughs* But, Kai seems kinda gentle and sweet, so I’m hoping my interpretation of him is right. And if I translated right, I believe he’s a botanist/florist. You can read my translations here. I’m no brilliant translator, but I suppose it’s better if you get the idea from that and plus, my translations aren’t completely off.

I do hope that Kai plays the supporting osanajimi well. I’m fine if he’s protective of Gerda, but I do not want him to be overly protective to the point of lecturing and preventing Gerda from going anywhere. That’s not the kind of childhood friend you want. I can understand that they want to keep you safe, but it’s not necessary to restrict them from entering the fray. But like I said, Kai doesn’t seem like that kind of character. My only hope is that it doesn’t backfire on me. That would totally suck. But you know what? I’m gonna play Kai’s route last when I get the game. Save the best for last or rather the main guy for last.

ORVA 「オルヴァ」




I’m expecting a lot of FEELS from Orva’s route, because this guy here is really ill. In fact, he’s so ill he can’t go out to garden like Kai and is pretty envious of him. So my guess is that his route is going to be about him dealing with his sickness as well as the fact that he can’t garden, because he desperately wants to and I believe he wants to garden alongside Gerda too. Orva’s the silent and soft spoken kind of guy. Apparently, it’s hard to hear what he says too, either because he’s really quiet or his speech isn’t perfect because of his illness. For his translation, go here. Like Kai, he also seems gentle and serene too, maybe that’s why he’s envious of Kai as well. Kai is healthy enough to be able to garden and Orva can’t, because he’s bedridden I believe.

I’m really am expecting a whole ton of FEELS from this route. If you have read the translation, it mentions that his body condition is not getting any better, so I’d imagine that his story will be the struggle between his health and this Snow Bound Land thing and the Snow Queen too. I’m really hoping that his bad is not going to be his death–please don’t let it be. As if feels weren’t bad enough with his supposed ‘incurable’ sickness. His route, shall be played second. I really don’t want to bawl my eyes out before Kai’s route so yeah. I do think Orva will be a good character though–I’m just expecting myself to cry during his route.

Aje 「アージェ」




Aje is your tsundere of the game. I’ve actually cracked myself up translating him. Apparently, he’s a travelling swordsman, who lacks a sense of direction. I am SO sorry, I cannot stop laughing. I suppose a quirk like that would work with the tsundere image I portray him to have, since he can be all blushy and deny it haha. Aje, totally different from both Kai and Orva, is rough and sharp tongued, but I’m sure he means well. Just your typical tsundere–doesn’t know how to express themselves. His translation is here. I reckon his route will have a lot of funny moments, especially when you have sweet Gerda and rough Aje.

That being said, I would like to know his back story. Kai is childhood friends with Gerda and I’m sure Orva and her knew each other prior to the events of the game. That or I’m wrong, but oh well. They say he’s travelling, so I’m very curious. He reminds me a bit of Shin from AMNESIA actually, what with his red eyes and his quote has the word, 「バカ」in it, so it just reminded me too much of Shin. That would be quite a few verbal abuse ladies–though I suppose it won’t be as bad as Shin’s. Haha. Regardless, Aje’s route will be played third, only because after Orva, if I’m right with the FEELS, then I need something to lighten up my spirits haha. Plus, I really like Aje’s design too. Not gentlemanly like Kai, not elegant like Orva, but is more tough and rebellious looking. And since he’s a swordsman, he can fight, which means he’ll protect Gerda! YES!

Craes 「クラエス」




Gosh, just look at this little cutie. I’m usually not a big fan of shotas, but dammit just look at Craes! He’s just so adorbs! And you know the bonus? He’s a chef! Well–an apprentice chef actually, but at least he can cook! I’m not entirely sure how Craes will play out in the story to be honest. I’m not sure what his role will be, but I suppose I can always look forward to it. His translation script is here. He is bright and energetic, so that adds to the cuteness overload I’ve already got from him haha.

I can’t say too much on Craes actually, but from one glance at him, I don’t think he’s human. Could just be me, but I don’t think he’s human. If he is, that’s fine, but this is my speculation. Hmm, seems like a mysterious one Craes, but you know what? I think I’m gonna enjoy his route regardless. He’s just too much of a cutie~ Craeus’ route will definitely be played first. He seems the mysterious to me, so I’m hoping his route will give me a surprise.

IVAN 「イヴァン」




Now this is interesting, I believe that Ivan works for the Snow Queen, so his story will be quite an interesting one. He kind looks like Aje too, what with the red eyes and dark hair (though his is purple, while Aje’s is blue). I actually don’t know who Ivan is exactly, I don’t think he’s a butler. Perhaps the Snow Queen’s right hand man? I don’t know, but he is much more mysterious than Craes. There wasn’t  a CG scene script I could translate, so he remains in the dark for now.

But looking at his design, I wouldn’t mind if he’s a chaseable bachelor and I think he IS a chaseable bachelor, just not a main one like Kai, Orva, Aje and Craes. It might end up like AMNESIA actually, where you got to play through the four guys first (Shin, Ikki, Kent, Toma), before being able to access Ukyo. It seems likely that you’ll have to play Kai’s, Orva’s, Aje’s and Craes’ routes before you can go on with Ivan’s, but I don’t know. It’s up to when the game will be released, but if he is chaseable, you bet I’ll go for his route haha.


I won’t go too much into the minor characters and I will not talk about the ‘Red World’ (赤の世界)at this point. I still haven’t translated them all yet, so let’s just go on with these two characters; the Snow Queen and Daemon.




The Snow Queen, I’ll be honest, I have NO idea if she’s the villain or not. I thought so at first, but when I realised the ‘Red World’ and thought, ‘Maaaaaaybe, she’s not the villain,’ but I have no idea. We’ll see. She is damn pretty though. Part of the reason why I thought of her as a villain is because ice destroys flowers (or according to Japanese logic anyways), so I thought that. But I’m not so sure anymore. Another reason why is because of the next minor character.




The character is most likely not affiliated with the Snow Queen, but apparently the site describes this guy as, 「いたずら」so he’s (I think it’s a he) is quite mischievous and will most likely cause trouble for Gerda and the others. That’s pretty much all I have to say on this guy. I really don’t know if he plays a major part in the story, probably not. We’ll see.

And that is my impression on Snow Bound Land thus far. Phew~ That took longer than I thought. But hey, I hoped that gave you an idea on the game and I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am. I’m done for the day so I hoped you enjoyed this long talk (if you decided to stick around anyways haha) and I will get to the ‘Red World’ another time. For now, this will suffice. Thank you~

22 thoughts on “Mana-chan Talks: Snow Bound Land

  1. Aje lacking a sense of direction and traveling swordsman reminds me of Ryoga from Ranma 1/2. But Gosh, I hope Ivan will be one of the chaseable characters. Although I think from your speculation of how Aje and Ivan are similar, maybe they’re related and one would have to complete Aje to get Ivan or something, like they did in Moujuutsukai to Oujisama and Miyako.

    But now that I’ve noticed, some of the face looks like how Yone would colour it, especially the nose and the mouth. It looks really, really good and here’s to hope that they do a good job on the plot.

    • It would make a ton of sense if Aje and Ivan were related. But you know, it’s just a speculation, we’ll find one once the game is released. And I’m fairly sure that Ivan’s chaseable, I’m just not sure IF he’s already available from the start or if you have to unlock him.

      It does look like a Yone style art doesn’t it? With the soft colouring and whatnot.

      • Most definitely. Hopefully these things will be cleared out and more openly talked about when it does release. Ivan looks like a guy who might be voiced by Toriumi Kousuke or even Kaji Yuuki, but that’s just that. Well, whatever the case is, I’m sure it will be awesome, and if there ever is a fandisk to this game in the future, things might be more elaborated upon.

        Yup, definitely. I never figured out who exactly was Moujuutsukai’s artist. Mika?

      • The seiyuu cast have already been announced; Kai voiced by Kimura Ryohei, Orva voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke, Aje voiced by Ono Yuki, Craes voiced by Yonaga Tsubasa and Ivan voiced by Ishida Akira. Then you got the Snow Queen who’s voiced by Orikasa Ai and Daemon voiced by Sugiyama Noriaki. Torikou would work with Ivan, but not Kaji Yuuki. I just feel that Kaji Yuuki wouldn’t suit Ivan, just based on how Ivan looks.

        And I never figured out Moujuutsukai’s artist either. .___. I could try and find out.

      • Ahhh, I was about to say Akira Ishida for Ivan…and the cast looks really good! Ohh~ yeah, I tried looking for the artist too. Let’s look together~

  2. So I was looking through your old post and noticed that you said that you weren’t Japanese. Some of the otome games you play are in Japanese, right? How long did it take you to learn and what/how did you learn? (hiragana, katakana, kanji, ect… Sorry for the pile of questions. I wanted to play Japanese otome games too. ^^’)

    • Hi there! 😀

      Yes, I’m not Japanese and I’ve established that plenty of times, but it’s okay. Everyone seems to think I’m Japanese. But anyways, to answer your question, I’ve been learning Japanese at the age of 12 and it’s been 5 years since I’ve started. I also self learned so I didn’t take a Japanese class. I learnt through anime, manga, JP otome games and JDramas. You just got to be patient, that’s all. And since I self learned, I can’t give too much advice other than being patient and to not give up. My other suggestion is to try and memorise Katakana and Hiragana first, before tackling the Kanji :3

      And no worries with the questions, I’m happy to help!

      • Unfortunately due to some problems and issues I had to close down my otome blog forever. I’m sorry–I’ll re-link my translations when I’m able to.

  3. I’m definitely interested in this game, probably will pick it up around Christmas~ Considering that this game is based on The Snow Queen, that’s already reason enough to play (that’s one of my favourite Hans Christian Andersen stories) and the art is so pretty too, which is a huge plus. I hope Gerda works out the way you described her; in the original tale, she was a strong girl who never gave up during adversities, and I would love to play such a strong heroine.

    I have a soft spot for childhood friends, and Kai is probably the closest to Gerda amongst all of them. I would SO love to play his route! The fact that he seems to be really sweet when it comes to Gerda just makes me go ‘awwww’ 🙂

    I have no idea what to make of the rest of the guys, though. But even Aje interests me though I’m not really a tsundere lover (I prefer sweet guys, like Kai). Even the Snow Queen looks so pretty! I wonder how much the team stuck to the original tale (as in whether they made the Snow Queen the antagonist), but if not I don’t really know what her role’s going to be, and I don’t see the Snow Queen as someone who would help them.

    According to the original tale (and this is a brief summary) a demon made the mirror, so I guess the Daemon here is either the one who made the mirror or one of the demons who circulated the mirror around? I’m pretty sure he/she has no affiliation with the Snow Queen too.

    All in all, I’m definitely intrigued by this game! Can’t wait till it’s out~

    • Oh cool! Sounds interesting! 😀 I haven’t preordered my copy yet, and I don’t know if I will, but I will try and get my hands on it when I can. But yeah, I’m looking forward to it :3

      • Oh by the way, do you know if there is an English option for this game? I keep saying I want to buy this, but I know it’s pretty much useless if there’s no English option since I barely know Japanese. And I’m thinking of pre-ordering perhaps the Limited Edition, since it comes with a drama CD and booklet.

      • GDI Why do I refuse to check this blog often?! Maybe it’s cause everything’s calmed down now that I’ve graduated because I was so busy before. But I’m totally sorry for the late reply! There is no English options, sadly.

  4. Now after the game released, we can know Aje’s relationship with Ivan, and Ivan’s route will be open after Aje’s route clear. Well, as expected, I laughed a lot in Aje’s route. He’s really funny!


      I’m sorry for my outburst, but this isn’t the first time that my speculation have become reality so I get rather excited when my thoughts have come true XDD

      I’m actually currently playing Craes’ route right now, but I’m definitely gonna play Aje’s route next. And wow, Ivan’s route will open up after Aje’s? I think I’ll end up playing Ivan’s route after Aje to see if they are really connected and then I’ll finish off with Orva and Kai.


  5. Hahaha! It’s okay!
    You make a best choice for playing Craes route first!
    If you done with all route, please write your opinion, I want to know.
    If you don’t mind of course.
    Enjoy the game!

    • I don’t do reviews anymore like I did with TYB, but I can state my opinion on it once I’m done!

      Actually, Craes’ route is a little disappointing right now. It’s still cute and sweet–but I felt like it was lacking something. I’ll explain more when I finish the game.

      I can’t wait to find out the relation between Aje and Ivan because it seems to me that they are connected.

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