The Child of the Ukina Clan News

Yes, some of you may know that I have said this. I am deciding to redo The Child of the Ukina Clan. This story was one of the more popular stories when I was in Quizilla, but then I stopped. After reading it through myself, I’ve decided to remake it and fill in more details about Mizu’s past and the curse mark. The story style will be more new as I have improved. With my characters, I’m redesigning their whole look and there is a My Characters page on my fanfiction site, but it isn’t ready yet. So far, the planning isn’t ready to the point where I can write the fanfiction, but I assure you, it will be written.

How do you like the banner? I did this one in a rush, but I’m happy with it. Oh and this time, you will see a different side to Mizu, rather than her quiet self. And no, it’s not what you’re thinking it is. For those of you who don’t, read my story on Quizilla and find out why. Oh, this has no crossover like Crystals of Suzaku or Binded Heart [which has been written yet], but it will reference some of my characters from previous stories. For fans of this story, I hope you are thrilled about this.

More Promo Posters

I’ve decided to be fair and made some promo posters for the following bands; Kra, Kagrra, BORN and D=OUT. I know last year I said I won’t be adding BORN or D=OUT in, but since my postponement on the project, I’ve gotten to know the band better and now, they’re official added in as supporting characters. Just because I made these newest promo, it doesn’t actually mean that they’re going to be chaseable. No, I might do that for an add on if I get the time, but for now, they are only supporting characters. I know Mai has left Kra, but he’s still going to be in the PSCEP. I miss him…

I spent more trialling with D=OUT’s poster since it was the last one and I’m thinking of remaking the older ones too look like that. But, I might not want to, since it takes quite a while to figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

Peace and Smile Company Evening Party

First off, I would like to take this opportunity to advertise an Australian Facebook Group who wishes to promote JRock and Visual Kei bands to come to Australia. The Facebook page is here and any Australians who wishes for Japanese Visual Kei bands to come over can join this group. Thank you and I’m also in the group, under the name Manami Koizumi that is. Now then, real post underneath.

No I have not abandoned this. I actually went over it and fixed a few typos and mistakes. I don’t know when it will be posted, but I will get it done. I do actually like it so far and with the holidays coming up, I might leave whatever other games and reviews I could have done and work on this instead. If you haven’t seen the promo posters then here they are;

Those are the only five eligible bands you can pick from. I sense a lot of eyes on the GazettE poster…Anyways, this was written back in 2010, so any changes with the band now, will not be changed in the actual project. It will obviously alter the whole thing itself and I may have to start over again, which I do not want. Kagrra, I will add, even if they are disbanded already. Not going to let them be forgotten, oh no. I know that there are a few of you who were anticipating this, but I am a teenage girl who is still in school. I have two more years and this year, before I finish. Plus, my original novel is on top of most things right now, but I’m willing to get this project done, so I can work on it. School work is a top priority too.

I might put the prologue on, that is, if I feel it won’t be too much of a spoiler to the whole thing. I also want it to be a smooth thing, so that you won’t read one part and leave it to wait for another part. A lot of writers on site tend to do that with CYOA stories. So if you can be a bit more patient, I promise I will get this done. I have great ideas for the next parts coming up. This is NOT going to be published on Quizilla, so once it’s done, I will send you the site where I have posted it on and you can read it from there. As for now, it’s not available to be read.

Plus, I’m thinking of remaking those promo posters…

About My Quizilla Account

Once I get the prizes done for those contest winners (EverStarDream11 and ChibiXMiku), I will be taking quite a long hiatus. It’s not because I lost interest in writing, no, far from it. I just need to work on my novel since I am now my on Autumn break. I just need a break from Quizilla and actually started working on Original Stories. I will go back to writing fanfictions, but for now, I’ll think I’ll just stick to my own stories and plots.

Planned Release Dates:

EverStarDream11’s prizes to be released April 24

ChibiXMiku’s prizes to be released April 25

As for the rest of my stories, they won’t be discontinued (at least, the ones that are still active that is) and I’ll work on them when I have enough time.