I’m Back!

Hello everyone, I’m back! Actually, I returned yesterday, but I was so tired I barely got to post anything here. So anyways…I went to sleep and didn’t wake up to eleven…the latest I have ever woke up. My back, arms, legs and butt are killing me from falling off the snowboard way too many times. I had fun though! Just not when I fell off the snowboard.

I do have pictures, but I’ll post them another time. I have to sort through them and find which one I like and no, I will not post any of my friends, myself or the instructor. Even if they don’t mind, I will not do so. It’s just a policy I have and I want to stick to it.

So aside from that, nothing new has really happened in the visual kei section or the games section, in which the otome games I’ll come back another time. I’m just not in any mood for new otome games since I want to complete Persona 4 fully and then focus on buying a PS Vita for Golden and other games.

I’ll be starting to post decently tonight…where I think all tiredness will disappear. I just need caffeine XD


Whoa…I’m shocked, really shocked. Haha, yesterday I got 105 views altogether, the highest I have ever gotten on this site. That amazes me, because my blog isn’t really all that great. Thanks for those who are religiously checking my blog (though I barely ever update…) and to those who took the time to look through my long as blog.

Anyways, I have good news, I only get to go to school today and I won’t have to go for the rest of the remaining days of the term. I was a little surprised when my mum said I could so I was like, sure why not? But I am going to the doctor’s DX My mum and her health obsession.

I don’t really have anything to post. Last year, I had a lot of things to post about, but this year, nothing interesting comes to mind…I guess I’ll continue  to stumble across stuff and share it with you XD I’ll see if I can post later tonight, that is, if I’m not playing Persona 4 XD Izanagi-no-Okami here I come!!

It’s Time For A Change!

Do you see the new layout? I decided to have a change and use this layout instead. It’s a lot different from the previous one, because this one requires tiled images for the background. So I went with something that would look somewhat natural, but that didn’t work too well.

Anyways, apologies to mikupikuart who loved my previous layout, but I decided I needed a change. The previous background made it hard for people to read so I chose this layout. Hopefully it’s easier.

There’s nothing else really for me to say. There hadn’t been too many rants, except this one in particular; people dissing ViViD for reaching the charts.

Okay, I’ll do my best not to be biased here, but if a band was a on a rise to becoming popular, of course they’d appear top of the charts. Isn’t that what the GazettE have done to become popular? Yes, I know GazettE are mostly likely a better band than ViViD, but ViViD themself are a pretty good band. It all depends on music taste  though…I just prefer ViViD’s music to GazettE. Doesn’t mean I hate GazettE, I just find ViViD’s song easier to listen to.

I think people are pretty bias when it comes to their favourite band being towards the top of the charts. Frankly, I don’t care what ranking ViViD gets, they could get a low rank and I would still listen to them. GazettE top or bottom; doesn’t matter so long as I can listen to their music. Their sole reason for topping the charts is mostly on how many CDs they managed to sell within a week, it really has little to do with the music. But that’s not always true, but from what I see, whatever CD manages to sell out the most within in a week usually top the charts. Not always, but most of the time.

Again, don’t care if you bash me here on my blog. You can bash me all you want and say my opinions suck, but opinions are opinions and everyone has at least something to say on matters. You can accuse me of being bias towards ViViD, but on my personal chart, none of their songs really make it to the top three, which I consider the best songs. Some are higher than others, some are lower than others, but rest assured, they are not on the top of my personal chart.

Big Apology!

No, I’m not going stop blogging, but I won’t be doing it as much as I probably should. The reason for this is because I’m in senior high school now, I’m getting harder and more stressful assessments and such. Heck, I even have an assignment I need to work over the holidays. On top of that, I only have this year and next year before I graduate so I want to spend most of my times with my friends, because chances are, we may not see each other as often. I have continued writing, but I’m mainly more focused on my own stories. I barely have any time for anything else and when I do have time to spare, I want to spend my time working on them.

Anyways, I’ve also been back into Gundam 00. I have the complete season 1 collection and the move, but not season 2. The store I went to didn’t have the complete edition, just the volumes. Because it would be expensive to buy all six volumes, I decided to wait until they have the complete edition like they have for season 1. I do like the anime very much and I do recommend you watch if you haven’t. Being a big pacifist, I don’t like war so this anime makes me feel very connected to the storyline, whereas any other anime would have made me nod at how good the storyline was.

Aside from that, BROTHERS CONFLICT will come out this month and hopefully I can get my hands on that as well as Atelier Elkrone and AMNESIA Later which I still haven’t been able to get my hands on. Hopefully, I can check another site for cheaper prices.

New Fanfictions

Hey! Some of you may have already noticed my sidebar have the banners of my fanfictions. The only one active right now is Crystals of Suzaku, but I assure you, when the time comes, I will work on more fanfictions. Now most of you are probably asking yourselves, “Why on earth is she announcing fanfictions when she is busy with one of them?”. Easy. I announce those and start to plan them, so if I do finish Crystals of Suzaku, then I don’t have to dilly dally shilly shally around to find a new idea for a fanfiction. It makes you guys happy so I’m happy.

So let me talk about the two newest announcements, The Buried Truth and Valley of the Angels. These two were recently announced and so far, they are in planning. I plan to have both released next year, considering there are quite a number of fanfictions in front of them. The Buried Truth is a fanfiction on the genre of Phoenix Wright. There is actually no main character besides Phoenix Wright and the characters I created for the stories are for the purpose of this fanfiction. So this is more of a mystery thing for all those who aren’t too interested in romance. Since the game is set in America, at the least, the English versions does, most of my characters will have English names, rather than the usual Japanese names. There are exceptions and you will see when you read the fanfiction. So here’s what you can expect in this fanfiction:

  • Lots of mysteries to be solved
  • No actual pairing, but some can be hinted and implied
  • Meant to be long and confusing, so read carefully
  • Twists and turns
  • Possible references to other fanfictions or real life news

It is currently still in planning, so there may be more I can add rather than that. So let’s move on Valley of the Angels. Who here likes Devil May Cry? You do? Well the fanfiction genre for this one is none other than Devil May Cry. The setting will be in DMC4, so if you don’t like it, then oh well. For the first time ever, the main character will have a totally different personality. Tenshi “Angel” Miyata is a cold and ruthless devil hunter. She tends to be very prideful and often cares little about everything that goes around her life. Most of my characters tend to be kind and perhaps anti-social, but there is seriously no character that is badass. So Tenshi was created for that reason alone. Let’s hope it turns out great. What you can expect in this fanfiction:

  • A whole tonne of action
  • A new type of main character; Tenshi Miyata
  • No actual pairing, or at least, undecided right now
  • Twists and turns
  • Strong relation to Crystals of Suzaku and Binded Heart
  • An alternate ending to DMC4
Like The Buried Truth, not completed in terms of planning yet. But with what I’ve got, I think I can say it will be ready to be written anytime. This is what planning is good for, the ideas you want in the story can be jotted down so that when it comes to writing it, you won’t have to think hard. I will go further witn Endless Stars sometime, but currently, Crystals of Suzaku is my main priority, as well as thinking plans for Binded Heart. See you!

The Child of the Ukina Clan Update News

I have created Mizu’s new appearance and you can find it on my deviantart account, under my username, alchemy5mage. Now getting back to the real news, I am going to confirm a few things on this. It won’t be written yet, but I’m just giving you an overview, spoiler free of course, on what is going to be in the story.

  • Background story for my main characters (Mizu, Shouryu, Fubuki and Ryuhei).
  • The above characters are meant to be antagonists for a few chapters, but there are different antagonists.
  • Original pairing, meaning I won’t be pairing off Mizu with a guy from Naruto or both Shouryu and Fubuki with a girl from Naruto.
  • Characters already introduced in the original version will return.
  • New characters are introduced into the remaking.
  • Will not have any links with other fanfictions, but there may be occasional allusions and referencing.
  • Will have specials for special events and such.
  • There will be a popularity contest on the original characters, but it will be terminated when it’s not successful.
Got that? I hope that may inform you of what you can expect in the fanfiction. It’s a pretty big thing, considering it’s my most popular fanfiction to the point where it has the higest number of chapters. The chapters will be called ‘Scrolls’ instead of the usual ‘Chapter’. I have already changed the Crystals of Suzaku’s ‘Chapter’ as well to ‘Type’ instead. Not very creative, but I don’t like using the ‘Chapter’ in my stories. Because usually, my stories don’t have a different thing happening in each chapter. It may be the same. This will be the same for the other fanfictions too, so you can try to guess what I’m going to call the others next.

Never EVER Make Muesli Bars AGAIN

I was pretty sure I buried the whole school assignment muesli bar thing and the next thing I know, my mum pulls out the same exact ingredients used to make it. I was pretty damn certain I put all of them away when I refused to ever make that again…Is this my punishment for hanging out with guys?? But I guess my mum could consider herself lucky, seeing as though I don’t have homework.

Anyways, I want to tell you a bit more about Crystals of Suzaku. I’m looking at around another few months to be able to finish it off, but something in my gut tells me I’ll be able to finish it off before the year ends. As of right now, there are a portion of my original characters that have barely any role, but that will come later into the story. I’m surprised how popular it is, I mean, I saw how many people searched up, ‘Crystals of Suzaku’. This blog has a search engine where I’m able to tell how people get to my blog and you could probably see the surprise on my face when one of my stories had been searched up. Not once, not twice, but five times now. I’m pretty sure there’s more, but the search engine only finds those linking back to my blog. Thank you for those who are reading this story and I won’t let you down with updates. The story is a whole lot further than you think it is, but it still needs to be cleaned up before I post it.

I won’t disappoint those who are fans of The Child of the Ukina Clan too. I’m redesigning all of my original characters starring at the story, but when I wrote back then, it wasn’t as good. Now that I’m a lot better than before, maybe I can make Mizu less perfect (I looked back and realised how perfect she was…) and her pairing will obviously be with Akira Yamamoto now. Man I feel sorry for the guy…he really likes her but Mizu is very dense when it comes to feelings. I love my characters, even the more annoying ones. Because I created them, I consider them my little children so that’s why I can’t hate them. Some annoy me, but not to the point of hatred…except for one of the characters that will appear in Crystals of Suzaku. I created her, yet I hate her guts. Maybe it’s just for that purpose…she will be gone from my records as soon as I’m done with Crystals of Suzaku.