I hate maths so damn much :S

Yep. Title is pretty self-explanatory. Sorry, I just don’t like maths. Doesn’t mean I’m dumb or stupid–maths is just pain in the ass subject, that’s all.

Oh well, I did my studying tonight. Once my maths exam is out of the way, everything will calm down just a tad bit. I’ll be able to relax just a little bit, but I’ll still be very busy.

In fact, I barely did anything on my otome games today; was too busy to even really settle down and play them.

Not to mention, my anime back log is building up as days go on. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger–at this rate, it’ll take me YEARS before I finish that back log.

Ugh. Oh well.

There’s nothing really to say anymore, because I’ll be heading to bed soon and then get up early in the morning to study again.

Yay <- sarcasm necessary.

Not to mention, I had a terrifying nightmare last night–I’m not even gonna tell you guys. It was terrifying, even for me who can play and watch horror survival games/movies. You could try and guess, but I HIGHLY doubt you can guess what it is. It’s very unlikely that you will know exactly why my nightmare had terrified me. I’m even afraid of sleeping so the moment I wake up, I’ll most likely study.


Oh well, it’s about time for me to head off to bed. Night guys. See you sometime after my exams (or when I have free time).

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