Mate spots available!

I have three mate spots available in Celebrity Darling. I don’t usually request for mates unless they’re my friends on tumblr who asked to be mates or if I get a mate request.

Regardless, I have three mate spaces available for those who want to become mates with me.

My ID is 679478789.

So you can search for me there on Celebrity Darling and request to become mates. I’m not looking for mates, but I do have three spots if you’re interested.

Kay then, I gotta quickly log onto tumblr and post it there too before I head to bed later on!

EDIT: I’ll be changing my theme tomorrow. While I love this blog theme and all, it doesn’t really portray me and that’s what I want my blog to have. So I’ll be changing that theme tomorrow into something else. Just gonna put it here for a heads up.

6 thoughts on “Mate spots available!

  1. hello, I’m pretty new to this game and I’m interested to be mates with you.. would you kindly explain to me how i could submit a mate request to you in the gree app / the game app? exactly, how to search for you in the game?

      • hello again 😀 many thanks for the tutorial (it is really fast made, #clap)
        if its not for you i wouldn’t have even know that these game could be played in computers! D:
        please accept my mate request m(_ _)m
        i don’t mind being spammed with “hi”, because i may have done the same :p
        i can’t play with coins because of not having credit cards

      • OOT : thank you very much for telling me that this game could be played with computers. i play the three games on my tablet, and i found some (i think) technical problems, such as i couldn’t see the avatar, couldn’t see the room, couldn’t add / remove furnitures, couldn’t even register / login starts from be my princess’, etc etc
        once again, the tutorial you made helps me on more than one ways 😀
        many thanks

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