New Game: Office Secrets

So they released Shanai Renai in English now…great. Just when I had bought Junya’s JP epilogue too…




Mind you, I’m very annoyed at the fact that I have to buy his epilogue again in ENG (cause I always do that) so soon, but I’m happy with the release of this game. I think I’ll like this game and yes, I’m starting off with Junya so do expect me to talk about it.

2 thoughts on “New Game: Office Secrets

  1. When I saw this update in be honest I immediately thought of Junya and his hot bod >.< I sound like a pervert but ever since you posted his epilogue..I'm really curious about Junya..I don't know what that says about me T_T

    • Haha, is that so? XD I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, his body was distracting me dammit haha. But have fun though, Junya’s the teasing flirty type and I knew that once I played his epilogue in Japanese. Not the type I usually go for, but he and Koji are the only ones I’d consider buying, I gave in and bought Junya. And as for his body, no one blames you XD it’s Junya’s fault for having a hot body

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