Personal: To-Buy List

I’m just leaving this here so I can remember on what to buy next. I don’t think I’ll review the routes and such, but I’ll give my opinion on it. I really don’t have the time to play any long routes, hence why I bought the Akuma special (though it’s mainly cause I got impatient for Shion’s route) and I don’t have enough money in my balance either.

However, I’ll pick up for myself an iTunes card sometime this month when my assessments have settled down a little. So the routes I’m going to buy are;


Shion – Main Route: I am so sorry Shion, you were next priority, but that stupid bug ruined it for me so I ended up buying the Akuma special (which I shouldn’t have done, but oh well). Yep, I’m buying you next and depending when I buy the iTunes card, I may or may not be able to play your route, but Shion’s route is next to be bought.


Shiki Kurobane – Main Route: Yes Shiki, I have caved. Despite the weird font used for the Japanese versions (the English versions are fine…but the Japanese versions…not really), I’m going to buy and play your route. This is your damn fault for being too cute and adorable alright? I have been neglecting to buy his route on purpose since it hurts my eyes to even read the text, but you know what? For Shiki, it’s gonna be worth it.


Shohei Aiba – Another Story: I’ve also been neglecting to buy this one, but I hear it was so good that I wanted to buy it myself. Then again, ‘In Your Arms Tonight’ is really well done so I recommend you try the routes. I obviously haven’t bought them all yet, but I will sometime. Now where are my tissues? I get the feeling I’ll need them haha~

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