Mana-chan Personal

Okay, just so you are aware, I usually post up the updates post (if there are any) at around 7 or 8 pm, my local time in Australia. I just keep it prolonged just in case another update pops up. But usually at those times I post them up and if there are updates released AFTER I post up the updates post, then I’ll add it into that post.

But yay weekends for me, finally~ Well, my weekends are kinda non-existant. I have three assignments to work on so there goes my weekend. And I just finished an exam today so I’m really not in the mood for anything else other than blogging and my otome games. Oh yeah, some people in my class finished their exams early, like 50 MINUTES BEFORE THE FINISH TIME. Are you serious? I barely finished the 4th or 5th question when the first session had gone by.


There were about 1o or more questions on the exam paper and by the time it was 30 minutes until the exam finished, I noticed more people had finished and I’m still stuck on starting my response on Caligula, which was the 4th last question on the exam…HOW? How can you finish that exam so early? I barely have the space to write everything I wanted to write, let alone finishing the exam wayyy before the finishing time.

…I don’t know…but it was a pretty good exam. Easy, but I was cut for space and time.

And with the Be My Princess Event, oh my goodness, for the first time ever, I have NO CRUZ TO MOVE ON WITH THE STORY!! Lucky 24 hours better come quick or I’ll still be stuck on Keith’s event…yes I always start with Keith first SHOOSH! *SIGH* Oh well, I think I rambled on enough. Whelp, have fun playing the event guys~

See ya~

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