New Game: Tohikou ~Ai no Sentaku~

逃避行 ~愛の選択~

Summary: Suddenly, one day you had been falsely accused of a scandal. No one else believed in you, however in such a situation ‘he’ appeared to be the only one to believe you. In order to settle these false accusations, you decided to run away with him.

*Rough translation on my part. It’s not perfect, it may be wrong, but you get the general idea.


When I saw this game in the App Store, I immediately went and downloaded it, but couldn’t check it out thanks to school. Boo. Anyways, the first thing I did once I got home was took a look at it. I haven’t played the prologue just yet, but I think I may like this game.

It may seem like a soap opera, but I don’t think it’ll focus mainly on just the romance, but also this ‘scandal/incident’ that the MC’s got falsely accused of. I’m very interested in how this story will go, because the only similar game with a dramatic plotline like this is ‘In Your Arms Tonight’.

I’m very interested in the game, but I’ll have to give you my first impression on it sometime later on. ‘Fukushuu’ can wait; this game’ll be next.

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