Akuma to Koi Suru 10 Kakan

And here is the higly anticipated otome game from Voltage Inc that involves, you name it, devils. The name translates to ‘In Love with a Devil for 10 Days’. Unlike with Shanai Renai, I do actually have someone in this game whose route I will most definitely buy. But, that’s only ONE character. And that character I will reveal later on (if you’re one of my blog readers here who know me on tumblr, then you know who I’m talking about). So let’s get started.

The game centers predominantly around the MC and the devils in the game. And they are legitimate devils, as in they have supernatural powers. I first thought when I heard the game that they’d be those kind of devils that are seductive and dark…but I was surprised when I found that they are ACTUALLY devils.

I loved the music in this game, that’s just my personal preference and the interface design…a little too bright in pink for my taste, but I do love the little chibi devil that appears. The design is more cute than the mysterious or ‘spooky’ theme I would have liked to fit the theme of the game, but you know, it’s just so adorable I decided to let it slide.


Title: 悪魔と恋する10日間

Title (romaji): Akuma to Koi Suru 10 Kakan

Chaseable Characters: Kakeru Kamui, Haruhito Amano, Satoru Kamagari, Shiki Kurobane, Meguru Kamui, Rein Isaka*

Routes Available (as of now): Main routes – Kakeru Kamui, Haruhito Amano, Satoru Kamagari, Shiki Kurobane, Meguru Kamui; Epilogue – Kakeru Kamui, Haruhito Amano, Satoru Kamagari, Shiki Kurobane; Sequels – Kakeru Kamui, Haruhito Amano, Satoru Kamagari, Shiki Kurobane; Specials – Welcome to the Devil House [incl. Kakeru Kamui, Haruhito Amano, Satoru Kamagari, Shiki Kurobane, Meguru Kamui]

Official Website: http://koi-game.voltage.co.jp/fantasy/devil/index.html


Kakeru Kamui


Kakeru may have a very handsome face, but to me, he has an ego…and me + guys with egos = me kicking their asses and sassing them. I’ve heard that people really like his story, but he seems like another Subaru to me and it doesn’t help that one of his post IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS SUBARU…He’s pretty arrogant and egotistical, but, I suppose he’s not that overbearing.

I still don’t think I’ll buy his route though right away though. He’s probably towards the end of the list, but I can’t say he was an annoying character. He made me laugh on several occasions during the ‘Welcome to the Devil House’ special spin-off, especially with the scene where he was ‘drunk’. But we’ll see, cause I still think he’s Subaru long lost twin.

Haruhito Amano


Haruhito’s a mysterious one. I can barely figure out what’s the right choice for him in the special I bought so I’m more or less somewhat thankful for the fact that the special only had one ending so the choices you pick won’t alter the ending. Haruhito has a pet dog, who he affectionately calls ‘Kero-chan’.

I kind of like Haruhito, but I view him as a big brother type. From what I could see from the special, he seems to look out for the MC quite a bit and he’s also a pretty optimistic and cheery guy. After the special, I’m considering buying his main route, but I first want to get my backlog cleared so his route will probably have to wait.

Satoru Kamagari


Satoru…Satoru…where do I start with this guy? He’s a Do-S (ドS) character, so he’s a sadist pretty much. I’m both a sadist and masochist myself…but Satoru can be pretty…cunning. I’m still trying to figure out on what he did in the special to the MC and the other devils, but they were pretty angry about it. Satoru you sadist. He’s also got a really scary glare too…no really, it even terrifies me when I see that glare.

I’m not sure how I feel about this guy to be honest.  I don’t know if I want to be his route, but at the same time, my masochist in me wants to see more of his sadistic side. I think, despite his sadisticness, he’s a pretty cool guy. He teases the MC a lot and not just her, but some of the other devils as well. As of right now, I don’t think Satoru’s route will be bought anytime soon.

Shiki Kurobane


Remember how I said that there was only ONE character whose route I wanted to buy? Well, this is him. Shiki, he’s the one I want out of the rest of the devils. The first time I saw him, I just fell for him and decided, ‘Right. He’s the one I want. Step aside you other bachelors,’. He’s quite blunt and perhaps a little rude, but I don’t give a crap, cause he’s just the most adorable little thing ever~

I don’t have any money left in my balance, but once I get more, no doubt Shiki’s route will be the next one to be bought, right after Shion of course (I should have waited until Shion’s route is fixed from the bug, but I was getting impatient, plus I don’t have time so I figured I should settle for a special instead). Even after playing the special, it still doesn’t change the fact that Shiki is still on my ‘to-buy’ list, but both Haruhito and Meguru may have earned my attention a little.

Meguru Kamui


Yes, I am aware that Meguru has the same surname as Kakeru, because you know why? Meguru is Kakeru’s brother (I’m assuming Meguru’s the younger brother, but I’m not sure) and is totally different in terms of personality as compared to Kakeru. Meguru is nice and supportive, quite innocent too actually (but who knows, his inner beast might come out).

I didn’t expect to like Meguru, but he was so sweet and nice, I couldn’t help but like him in the end. Sure he may not have topped Shiki, but there’s a chance I’m willing to give him a chance and buy his route. However, his, along with Haruhito’s, I might wait until the English version gets released (in this case, I think it’ll take another year or so until it reaches that stage), because I really don’t want to pay twice for characters that I’m so-so with. Shiki I’m desperate to get so I’m going to buy his Japanese route and his English one when it comes out.

And that is Akuma to Koi Suru 10 Kakan. And it didn’t take me as long as I thought it would. Of course, I had to study a bit before finishing this off, but that’s Akuma for you. The cast is significantly smaller than Shanai Renai, but, personally, I prefer a small cast as opposed to a larger cast. Just seemed a lot easier and more convenient for me.

Now that I’m done, I might do ‘Fukushuu no Kiss wo Anata ni’ next, but that might take a while since I barely have that much interest in the game. Okay, see you guys~

*Rein is scheduled to be released in May, so do expect his arrival sometime this month. Below is a small banner showing what he looks like if you have no idea. He’s the one with the black hair.


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