Shanai Renai ~Futari no Himitsu~

It has been so long since I’ve last posted on this blog…I kinda missed it. Haha~ Well anyways, I’ll come back to writing about otome games/animes/games etc like I have done before. I had quitted my tumblr for the time being, so I’m transfering some news and info over here. I won’t do this every single time, just when I’m free and not tied down with schoolwork, assignments, exams and the like.

So first up is the Voltage Inc. otome game ‘社内恋愛 2人のヒミツ’ which can be translated to ‘Office Love/Romance ~Secret between two people~ or ~Secret between lovers~ as stated in the title screen. Yes, the game is still in Japanese at the moment and the setting is in an office, as said in the title.

Personally, I loved the interface design (not that I think the interface for the menu is practical) and the music. I think it’s lively and fresh, but that’s just my personal opinion. People may think differently from me. As for the guys you can go far…ahhhh~ I really don’t know who really interests me at the moment. I have played through the prologue (albeit VERY quickly since I couldn’t play for long so I might need to replay it again), but I don’t think a character has caught my eye yet. We’ll see, cause I’m saving up my money for other characters.


Title: 社内恋愛★2人のヒミツ

Title (romaji): Shanai Renai ~Futari no Himitsu~

Chaseable characters: Toranosuke Hajime, Shota Kurumi, Junya Sakurazawa, Koji Nagumo, Ryouma Shirasagi, Shingo Kai, Tamotsu Goda.

Routes Available (as of now): Main Routes – Toranosuke Hajime, Shota Kurumi, Junya Sakurazawa, Koji Nagumo; Epilogue – Toranosuke Hajime, Shota Kurumi, Junya Sakurazawa, Ryouma Shirasagi

Official Website:


Toranosuke Hajime


I’m not too sure about how I feel for this guy. My first impression of him, although brief, wasn’t exactly satisfactory. I suppose I view him as a guy with an ego, but whether or not he turns out to be like Hayato Shiratori (Celebrity Darling) or Subaru Ichiyanagi (My Sweet Bodyguard) depends on whether or not I buy his route and try it out.

I don’t know if I’ll ever warm up to Toranosuke, but he seems less egotistical compared to Subaru. Those from the tumblr community I was on knew about my dislike for Subaru so it’s been a running gag. But anyways, Toranosuke does have a pretty face…almost boyish, but I still don’t know what I think of him. He probably won’t be the first route to be bought.

Shota Kurumi


Are they making a pun or what? Shota is indeed…the shota of the game /shot. Well, he, along with Koji, seem to look the youngest, but I could be wrong, don’t count on me being right all the time. First impression of him was slightly better than Toranosuke’s and he is a bright and cheery. I get the feeling that he’s a flirt…but oh well.

I don’t know if I want to buy his route to be honest. I’m not a big fan of shotas, but I don’t hate them. I could give it a try, but I don’t know. At least he scored better than Toranosuke though hahaha. The prologue doesn’t always help me to pick my characters I hope you guys realised that…

Junya Sakurazawa


I’m pretty sure he’s one of the senpais in the game and he’s probably the only one I have the slighest bit interest in. Voltage Inc doesn’t really have a yandere type character so I don’t think that his kind face is hiding anything…other than his past (I don’t even know if he has a past, I’m just guessing)…

But currently, he’s the only one right now I’m considering to buy…after I buy Shiki’s route from Akuma to Koi Suru 10 Kakan. I’d say Naoya from Fukushuu no Kiss wo Anata ni, but he hasn’t been released yet…ugh. So I’ll consider Junya’s route, but we’ll see if I buy him or not.

Koji Nagumo


LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUSNESS. I’ll admit that even though Junya is the one I’m slight interested in, I thought Koji was a cutie. He’s probably one of those sweetheart types and he kinda reminds me of Kenta Makabe (My Sweet Bodyguard), but whether or not the two are alike, I’ll have to find out by purchasing his route.

I don’t know, I’m still debating on whether or not I should buy his route, along with Junya’s. Well, I’ll have a good think about it, cause I only have enough money for Shion’s route in A Knight’s Devotion as of now.

Ryouma Shirasagi


Ryouma appears to be an elite worker in the office actually. I guessed from his fanclub/fans and the fact that he seemed kinda proud…again, I’m guessing. I don’t do good with pride, because I myself have pride. Well, he doesn’t look aggressive like Keith (Be My Princess) or overly egotistical like Subaru, so I guess he’s in the clear for now.

Can I actually like him? I don’t know. Will he and Toranosuke be both the last on my list of ‘to-buys’? I don’t know. I just don’t have any interests in either him or Toranosuke at this point. So he’ll have to wait for now.

Shingo Kai


You can tell from this screenshot that he’s the kind of guy that’s serious about his work and rarely smiles, but when he does I just stare at the screen…so damn pretty. I think he’s another senpai actually from the department that the MC got transferred to. Anyways, I don’t know what I think of him. He didn’t really leave a large impression on me.

Buuuuut, his smile was so damn pretty I was memorised. Whether that’ll make me buy his route I don’t know.

Tamotsu Goda


 And finally, we have the boss. Now I personally don’t like ossan characters, that maybe because I’m a teenage girl (17 years old) and my guy types aren’t those that have facial hair and stuff. That doesn’t mean I can’t say his personality is bad; Tamotsu seems like a cool guy and he seems like he’ll be a good boss too.

But as I said, I don’t really like the ossan types so I don’t think I’ll buy his route straight away.

And that concludes my impression on the characters. I’ll still think about Junya’s and Koji’s route, but we’ll see whether or not I’ll buy the route/s. I’ll be working on Akuma to Koi Suru 10 Kakan sometime later. Shanai Renai took me a whole two days to write up and set the screenshots in place, so don’t expect Akuma to be put up today or maybe even tomorrow.

Okay then~ See you guys~

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