Be My Princess For Gree – Glenn Sweet Route – The Omelets’ Worth

Okay, so today I was able to buy the clothing required to go through one of Glenn’s Sweet Route. Throughout the whole route, I was laughing, imagining my own created character, Manami Koizumi, being part of the scenario. I generally used her name often as a alias to cover up my own name, but I still it’s funny when you try to imagine your own character in a role of another character who is a completely different person.

In this case, it involves cooking and food so I was like, ‘Manami Koizumi is a genius when it comes to cooking. I wonder how she’ll take Glenn’s tsundere comments?’. So, this post is basically me explaining what happens and what would my character, Manami, would have done if she were in the BMP MC’s place.

Under the cut because it’ll probably be very long. If it’s too long (like my AMNESIA anime post) then I’m sorry, but do try to enjoy it as much as you can. I did make the images a slightly smaller size, just so it wouldn’t take up so much space (yet it still does take up quite a bit of space).

So after you finish the chapter before this, you’ll be able to buy one out of two items. Those of you who have played Be My Princess probably know this, but you can buy either the normal item or the sweet item. The sweet item costs more, but it allows you to get a CG or bonus if you buy it. The normal works the same way, but you don’t get the CG or bonus. So yes, I did buy the sweet item. It’s not bad in this game cause I’m rich as hell with all those cruz, but in My Sweet Bodyguard, it took FOREVER to get 18 000 ender. Subaru, you are not encouraging me to continue on with your route.

Okay, in this sweet route, the MC, Glenn and Alan go on a vacation (sadly to Yu fans, he doesn’t go along). It’s only five chapters long, but the best stuff didn’t happen until the picnic.

They set for a picnic at an empty plain, but the MC feels uneasy with the guards around. Woman you are with two princes; get used to having bodyguards around. So Glenn pretty much tells them to leave so that they could be more comfortable.glennsweet01

glennsweet02Suure, whatever you say Glenny-poo (A/N: I am so used to Roberto’s nicknames for some of the princes so I tend to use them haha).

I can just imagine Manami going ‘stufu’ to Glenn and keep the food to herself and Alan XD. So the MC packed a bento box because well, that’s what all Japanese heroines seemed to like doing.



Aw shucks~~ You little charmer XD

glennsweet05Well, I did create Manami to be a cooking genius. It would totally suck if she were bad at cooking haha.

glennsweet06Screw you, Manami is an excellent cook! Don’t diss her 😡

glennsweet07Yeah! Listen to your little brother! He knows best!

glennsweet08…Alan if you were just any other prince, I’d strangle you. But how can I strangle someone so cuuuuuuute?!?!?!

glennsweet09Yeah, my thoughts exactly MC. I feel you. I doubt Manami would actually feed someone if she were in the MC’s place XD

So of course the MC didn’t want to do it. It’s embarrassing to her and possibly for Glenn as well, since he doesn’t like to be treated like a child. If you hadn’t realised, a lot of female heroines are so proper and prone to embarrassment. There are only a few heroines that are actually badasses in my opinion.

glennsweet10Yeah he doesn’t, cause it’d embarrass him. But I’m pretty sure deep down, he wants to be fed ohohohoho~

So even though the MC is embarrass to feed him, the fact that he won’t do so wanted her to let him taste her food. Um, MC, make up your mind; do you want to feed him or not? Eventually Glenn gave in as his brother’s words finally convinced.



glennsweet13I KNEW IT! You did wanted to be fed didn’t you Glenn? You big tsundere XD

glennsweet14Oh shut it you, you know you wanted it. Don’t be a tsundere right now. (I think Manami would probably shove the eggroll in his mouth before he could even finish this sentence XD)

The thing that annoys me the most is when this game makes the MC describe pointless things. Like so;

glennsweet15MC, are you trying to poke Glenn’s eyes out? You’re supposed to be feeding him the eggroll TO HIS MOUTH. Since when in society do we stare at people’s eyelashes when you are trying to feed a person?



glennsweet18…Well!? Say something! Don’t keep a girl waiting when they just fed you some food! Just be glad that this Manami in the game is not the same  pushy and violent Manami I created for my stories and–!

glennsweet19…Could probably kick your ass if you kept her wai–! Wait, what? What did you just say?

glennsweet20Could you say it a couple more hundred times? I’m pretty sure Manami will forgive you if you do >:)

glennsweet21Well screw you too. I bet you can’t even cook since you’re always busy with royal business and whatnot. I think you should be lucky that the real Manami Koizumi isn’t here to kick your ass for saying that.

glennsweet22I freakin’ love Alan XD This is why I want to adopt this kid!

glennsweet23HEY! 😡 Is that any way to talk to your brother and my little baby boy!?

Anyways, after they finished eating, Glenn goes to read a book and the MC reads a picture book with Alan. They all enjoyed themselves, until it started to rain. Yeah, I saw that coming…



glennsweet26We both agree on something MC. I don’t want my little Alan to catch a cold either.

glennsweet27No, no sweetie. Your health is more important. I’m pretty sure the MC will agree on that.

glennsweet28…THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU’RE MEANT TO SAY YOU DUMMY!! It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult; you’re still gonna get sick!

glennsweet29Oh? What’s this? Are you finally showing your dere side to us Glenny-poo?

glennsweet30Oh shut up MC and take the damn jacket. Enjoy this little rare moment why don’tcha.

glennsweet31You may be sharp with your tongue, but it looks like do you have sweet side after all 🙂

glennsweet32…I take it back; YOU HAVE LEARNED NOTHING!!!! (Nah, he’s actually really sweet, just doesn’t show it from time to time)

So anyways, they all decide back to their place, before they actually leave, Glenn turns to the MC and says;


glennsweet34Dude…I am not your maid…but if you want Manami to cook, you gotta pay up. (To be fair though, Manami would cook dinner. She’d say ‘no way’ but goes to prepare food anyways. She’s that kind of person; cold on the outside, gentle on the inside).

glennsweet35But the MC and I both had the same reaction and response. Dammit Glenny-poo, why don’t you just admit that you like the MC!? Though it’s a little early, you can tell he likes her.

That’s pretty much the sweet route with Glenn. My commentaries suck, so if my comments aren’t funny, then I’m sorry. I try, but I still think my humour is dry and bland ugh. Anyhow, here’s the email you get from Glenn after you complete this route;

glennsweet36Haha, he expresses himself better in his emails rather than his own voice. I think it’s cute though because that’s what tsunderes are after all. Tsunderes don’t know how to express their feelings properly so that’s why I like them so much. It’s cute when they do open up, because most tsunderes get jealous easily and are really adorable too.

And finally, here’s the CG you get for completing this sweet route. I think it’s a cute CG so I hope you guys like it.

glenncg01And this concludes Glenn’s sweet route. This won’t be the last one I assure you. I’ve opened up a Be My Princess category and a Voltage Inc. category so do expect more updates on it. I’ll have to go back and edit the others so they’re in the category too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I’ll see you some other time!

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