AMNESIA to Become an Anime!

You heard it right, my all time favourite otome game will be turned into an anime. And if that isn’t enough, they’re making a third game when I haven’t even bought the fandisk *cries* why must you do this Otomate!?

amnesia animeDo I any issues with this game becoming an anime? No! I’m completely ecstatic for this anime to be aired and I’m definitely buying the DVDs when they come out. Yes, I’m that much of a fan of this game. But aside from that, I’ll dedicate this post to my beloved game and state my opinion on it. I know some people are like ‘wth? why is this game becoming an anime?’ because this game had mixed reviews on it. Personally, I thought it was a nice change from the other romance games and well, I’ve always liked a bit of mystery and drama as well as suspense in games. What I hated was those psycho fangirls…So without further ado, let’s begin!

Beware, there are slight spoilers to the game if you haven’t played them. I will be mentioning plenty of them actually. So beware when you continue to read on.



Characters are the same as usual. I must say, while the anime art isn’t as good as the original, I still love it. But the original art will always and forever be my favourite. Now for the characters themselves, I generally liked most of the cast from the game; even Toma who was completely batshit crazy in his own route. I understood that he wanted to protect the heroine, but still, I don’t appreciate being locked up in a cage for 6 days. Yes I counted, shut up. So all that aside, let’s review the characters shall we?




amnesiaheroine2Yes, they didn’t even give their heroine a name yet. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOUR MAIN CHARACTER OTOMATE!? ARE YOU TRYING TO KEEP HER NAMELESS THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE ANIME LIKE IN THE GAME?! I’m sorry, I thought they would have given her a name, since I’m not looking forward to the characters calling her ‘omae’, ‘kimi’, ‘anta’ (equivalent of ‘you’ in Japanese) and etc throughout the anime. In my whole honest opinion, her character was quite bland in the game, but I say she’s pretty strong willed, if not a bit stubborn and disobedient at times. But I suppose looking for lost memories often makes you do crazy things.

That aside, I’m looking forward to how this’ll work. In the game, you choose who is your boyfriend, so I wonder who her boyfriend will be in the anime. My hunch says it’s Shin, but on the other hand, I think it may be Ukyo too. Perhaps there’ll be a love triangle or love…pentagon? I don’t know, but I’m very much looking forward to it. As to whether I hated the heroine or not in the game, I don’t really hate or. In fact, I felt no emotional attachment to her at all to be honest. I didn’t love her nor did I hated her. I guess I kind of liked her, but not really. Now I’m just confusing myself, but fact of the matter is, I hope the plot will work well since the game universe is quite different.

I’m also looking forward to the interactions that causes her to regain some portion of her memories. It may leave you wondering who was she close to and who is her boyfriend. But serious Otomate, GIVE HER A DAMN NAME BEFORE YOU START TO AIR IT!



amnesiashin2Shin is undoubtedly my favourite character, although to most people, he’s not so much. I guess I can relate to him in the fact that I’m blunt and mean with words as well as the fact that I’m pressured to work hard at whatever I do. Don’t worry Shin, I feel your pain. But I felt that he genuinely cared for the heroine, despite his harsh words. That and I just really like tsunderes. What I’m more interested in is how they’re going to play his ‘childhood sweetheart’ role. It’s quite obvious in the game that Shin is the main pairing, but I want to know what will happen in the anime. Especially since in the game, Shin found out in like the 4th or 5th day that the heroine had amnesia. Is he going to find out in the anime early on, or will we get a new scenario? That, I am interested to find out.

Shin’s not so much a favourite to other people than compared to Ikki, who had my heartstrings strung a few times, but I think the downfall in Ikki’s route was those damned psycho fangirls. I hated them so much that it almost ruined the route for me halfway through. While does love the heroine in his own route, I felt Shin’s love for the heroine was much more genuine and well, he slowly opens up his feelings. Ikki’s a bit forward and flirty, but he does become sweeter, but in my own opinion, I like it when guys like Shin take their time to open up to their girlfriend and would do anything to protect her.

So, all I can see is get ready for more Shin’s verbal abuse in the anime, cause there’ll be plenty of them. Not that his words are that harsh; he just likes to use the word ‘baka’ (meaning idiot) a lot in the game haha.



amnesiaikki2Ikki is undeniably, almost most of the AMNESIA players’ favourites. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ikki, truly. It’s just that, as I’ve said before, those psycho fangirls that ruin EVERYTHING. And trust me, they’ll be even bitchier in the anime. Although Shin may be my favourite character, Ikki’s story and route is my favourite. He’s willing to protect the heroine by going out with those psycho bitches (seriously man, how do you do it?) so that no harm would come her way. Kishio Taniyama did a great job at voicing Ikki, especially in his heartfelt moments and I’m pretty sure we’re going to see it again. Why do I say that? Because the heroine joined Rika’s fanclub in the game, so I’m guessing she’ll be doing the same thing in the anime. Probably as a favour, probably because she wants to, I don’t know, but I really want to see how this’ll work out.

There’s no doubt that I hate those psycho fangirls since I’ve said it so many times. I swear, everytime they showed up on my PSP screen, I went like this. WHY DON’T YOU GIRLS GET THAT HE WON’T LOVE YOU, EVER?!?!?! Rika was just as bad; standing at a distance and watching all of this just makes her as bad as those psycho bitches. I frankly don’t care how better she got in Ukyo’s route, she still is and will forever be a bitch in my book.

That aside, I can’t wait to see Ikki’s role in the anime and I’m looking forward to his flirty times with the heroine haha.



amnesiakent2Kent is a likeable character, whether I barely talk about him or not, but there are times where he goes all analytical and I’m like ‘what are you doing Kent? stahp. you’re making me dumb because i has no idea what you are going on about’. Kent may seem heartless and such, but he cares deeply for the heroine; he just doesn’t show it outwardly. In the game, when the heroine got into an accident, Ikki rushed over to Kent as quickly as he could and even though Kent tried to be passive about it, you can tell he was extremely worried for her. I like Kent and he’s a total sweetheart, but those analytical are just a big no no from me. There’s nothing wrong with it, I just couldn’t understand what the hell he was going on about.

In the anime, I’m curious to what his story is going to be like. For those of you who haven’t played the game, the heroine’s dog dies prior to the beginning of his route and Kent practically tells her to grow up and not be upset over something trivial like that. Of course, the heroine was so upset she ended up exclaiming she hated Kent so he’s pretty much locked up his feelings to her, because what she said obviously struck him hard and painfully. I’m guessing they won’t be going out in the anime, but the heroine’s dog probably dies anyways. Because in the game, the whole route of his was trying to get him to open up and find out why the heroine was angry and hated him, so there really isn’t any other story plots I can see.

That means there might be a new plotline for him, so I’m eager to find out what it’s going to be! Yes, yes, I’ve said it enough, but I really like this game alright!?



amnesiatoma2After I had finished playing Toma’s route in the game, I was like ‘DO NOT WANT’ after the whole yandere experience. But, eventually, I grew to like Toma, despite all his craziness and obsession with keeping the heroine safe as he thought of her as a younger sister. I felt like I was being blocked so many times on his route, because he was like, ‘yeah, we’re lovers’ when the heroine asked him, but then goes to treat her like a sister. I’m not being friendzoned…but this is just as bad. While I like Toma’s personality normally, I hated his whole yandere side when the heroine whenver the heroine tried to leave the house. I’m with the heroine on this one; I do not like being stuck in a house forever, especially if I need to recover my memories because I have amnesia. I knew he only did it to protect the heroine from those psycho fangirls (though he gets pointers for protecting my from those psycho bitches), I think locking her up in a cage just took too far. Even Shin tried to get the heroine to go with him rather than stay with Toma, mainly because it wouldn’t be safe if the heroine stayed with a yandere like Toma. YES SHIN, I LOVE YOU FOR COMING TO MY RESCUE! TAKE ME AWAY FROM THIS CRAZY YANDERE!

Why did I decide to forgive Toma? I guess I felt sorry for him after playing Shin’s route. He was always the third wheel to Shin and the heroine, especially when they made a promise to marry each other when they get older; poor Toma was forgotten as he stared at the scene in astonishment. The whole story behind that is that the heroine wanted to marry both Shin and Toma, but Toma stated that she could only marry one person, causing her to cry because she wanted to be with both of them. That’s why Shin promised to marry her and Toma was forgotten basically. It was a childish promise back when they were kids, but in Shin’s route, it appeared that Shin was intent on marrying her and because of his blinded jealously at being a third wheel, Toma was the cause of the heroine’s amnesia in Shin’s route.

That’s basically why I felt that Toma shouldn’t be looked down on due to his yandere ways. He’s doing all he can to protect the heroine, even if it meant keeping her away from the truth (not that I really like that, but still…). But the thing that bugged me was the whole route was a COMPLETE MISUNDERSTANDING!!! Toma thought that the heroine was dating Ikki, when she only went to him for advice on how to get Toma to like her. Obviously, those psycho bitches took it the wrong and thought the heroine was going to steal their ‘beloved’ away that they needed to get rid of her and Toma only wanted to protect her from them so that she could go out with Ikki. My goodness, I felt like bashing Toma’s head–no, I felt like bashing those bitches head into the wall. THIS WHOLE YANDERE SHIT I HAD TO GO THROUGH WITH TOMA WAS BECAUSE OF YOU BITCHES!!!! That’s probably another reason why I forgave Toma. Anyways, when it comes to the anime if I’m correct in saying that the heroine is dating Ikki, then no doubt that Toma will play his part in protecting her and possibly locking her up in a cage again. I know one thing about Japanese and their otome games, they will always have the yandere do something completely crazy.

Other than that, I’m still looking forward to Toma’s brotherly figure in the game. I’m not opposed to it, unless I’m on his route in the game.

(Toma had the longest description…guess I went overboard…)


amnesiaukyoUkyo is the sweet, gentle and kind man with a sadistic, sinister and evil side to him. By the end of his route in the game, I couldn’t hate Ukyo (though I did felt bad everytime I had to kill the heroine in order to get his bad endings…yeesh, she died so many times in the game I wonder if she’s practially immortal whenever I reset the game to continue on playing.). Ukyo’s just a sweetie, he cares so much for the heroine, even going as far as to handcuff himself to the bed (or was it something?) to keep his other side from harming her. I’ve heard people become freaked out by Ukyo’s sadistic expression and voice, but I kind of liked it *gets shot* I suppose I’ve been taking the games bad endings wayyy too seriously. Anyways, if my hunch is correct, he and Shin would probably rival over the heroine’s affections. Because in the game, Ukyo practically had to travel to other dimensions (I still don’t get that, but that’s how the games works) to save the heroine.

Don’t be fooled if Ukyo says something nice, because the next moment BAM he’ll take a 180 degrees change in personality and say the opposite thing. This mainly happens in the other guys’ routes, but in his own route, he tries his best to control it as to not hurt the heroine (unless you go for the bad endings of course). There’s not much I can say about Ukyo, because even after I finished his route, I still felt he was mysterious, despite it clearing everything up. That and I haven’t played this game in a long time so I don’t remember.

Regardless, I can’t wait until the anime to see what exactly his role will be. I still think there’s going to be a love triangle between him, the heroine and Shin.



amnesiaorionORION~~~~~~! I missed you my little partner in crime! I adore Orion so much in the game and his commentaries are hilarious. Seriously without, you’d be bored half the time. Orion will most likely have the same role he has in the game, being the cause of the heroine’s amnesia and will help her regain them back by giving her advice and words of wisdom. I love his reactions to all the guys’ actions in the game. So I’m more so interested to see it in the anime as well.



amnesiasawa2As I’ve said in my otome games Q&A post, Sawa is one of the my favourite side characters. She truly represents the supporting big sister type, who shows no interest in guys (cept for that one time she was charmed by Ikki’s eyes in his route… but she’s snapped out later and says it’s like he’s put a spell on her XD) and often bickers with Toma. I think Sawa’s absolutely gorgeous and pretty in the anime version, but I’ve always thought she was pretty. I just hope that in the anime, she has a slightly bigger role and keeps herself from gossiping.



amnesiamine2To be honest, I’m not entirely sure where I stand with Mine. One moment I’m like, ‘you’re awesome’ and the next I’m shaking my head in disapproval. She’s a neutral party member; she neither supports the heroine nor harshly downgrades her so Mine’s okay in my book. Still, there were times where I wanted to hit her with a book or something, because she is so full of herself. But she’s cute so I guess I’ll let it go. You best watch yourself Mine otherwise I might accidentally fly a book in your direction.


amnesiarikaI’ve raged enough in the Ikki and Toma descriptions so I’ll try to keep it a minimum here, but I hated this chick so much. She appears nice and kind to you at first, but really, she’s not a nice person at all. She’s one of those characters that uses people in order to get what she wants, in this case, the fanclub in order for her to get Ikki in the end (at least, that’s how I see it). Her elaborate clothings makes me go ‘bleh’ over, because she looks like a really badly coordinated English woman with that hat and ruffles on her dress. And what the hell is up with that ribbon in her hair? I don’t care if she was nice in Ukyo’s route in the game, I can never forgive her for what she has done to the heroine in Ikki’s route. So in all honestly, her role in the anime will probably be a role where we’ll hate her in the end.


amnesiawakaI love Waka; he lightens up the mood so much in the game. I’m interested in his role in the anime, other than being the manager of the cafe the heroine and the others work at; I want to know what his personality will be like. In the game, depending on what route you play, Waka could be either a war captain who thinks the customers are the enemy or completely and overly flamboyant. So, there’s not doubt that I’m expecting humour from him.

Whew that took a long time. So I guess you can figure out that I’m totally looking forward to this anime and as well as the new game coming out. I heard the new game will be more interactive so I’m definitely putting it on my wishlist. For now, I have to go and buy AMNESIA Later. I’ve put it off for so long, so it’s time to pick it up.

I hope you enjoyed this whole post and if you actually took the time to read it until the very end, thank you very much. I went a little overboard, but if it’s helpful and entertaining, I appreciate you taking the time to read it. Thank you and see you!

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