Be My Princess Screenies

So I was looking through all of my screenshots and realised I had tons of shots I haven’t used or posted. So I figured why  not post them here. Enjoy!

There are a lot of screenies, so I’m putting a cut under this text just so it doesn’t overtake my whole blog.


…Wait what? What are ya doing Keithster!?


OI! You can’t snort at a girl like that you big meanie!image*Sigh* Keithster, you just won’t admit it, but you love the MC don’t you? Especially with your obsession with cuteness (I swear, I lost count how many times he called her cute in the Gree routes/specials and the non-Gree route)


Why are you standing there insulting me? Hmmm?


Ah…well, okay, that’s fine with me.


ಠ_ಠ…I take it back, I don’t wanna dance with you anymore.


Well of course not, I’m awesome 🙂

image…Screw you.

imageMy thoughts exactly…


Unfortunately…no Zain.


I didn’t complete the Princess Gacha for Christmas…I spent so many Gacha points on it so I felt like I wasted my hard work on it.imageLike you becoming available in the English version? That was my Christmas wish that sadly never got granted…I hope they do release his English route though.

image image image image image image imageWilfred appreciation post! I told you I would spam pictures of him the moment he appeared on screen XD I love this guy and so I want to play his route once I get the money.

imageClaude, why are you so cute here? He’s usually more of an ass, but I can’t bring myself to hate him. Plus, that cute blush makes him look very adorable.


Robertoooo~! I love him, there’s never a dull moment with this guy XD


That’s ’cause he is a tsundere! Keithster is so tsuntsun that’s why he’s a softie underneath XD

Keithster, Keithster, Keithster! How are you going to stuff my mouth with soap if I’m behind my computer huh, huh? XD I’m sorry, I just love messing with this guy.

imageNah, he wouldn’t really do that. Otherwise his title of prince may be spoiled.

imageThis guy…is the best! XD XD XD I so want to play his route!

The next few are from the non-Gree version. I didn’t get to screenshot all, but I’ll go back sometime and screenshot my other favourite scenes.



imageKeithster, I am not a dog, so don’t treat me like one ಠ_ಠ

imageI’m sorry, but the last I check, my name is not USER_FIRST_NAME]. Voltage, you forgot to close the square bracket on this one!! I’m sorry, whenever this glitch appears, I just laugh. Imagine calling yourself USER_FIRST_NAME] XD

That’s about all the screenies I can show. I will try my best to get others on, but it takes so long to upload them onto my computer. Typing on the iPad takes serious work and patience. Expect more funny screenies! See you!

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