Happy New Year!

I know it’s a bit late, but there was a reason why I didn’t post anything yesterday. It may be hard to believe, but I’m a New Years’ baby, in other words; I was born on New Years Day. So I decided to myself to take a break from my blog and the rest of my other internet connections, except tumblr, although I was on it sparingly.

I really didn’t get anything for my birthday, since I’m not too much of a party person. In fact, I hate parties, hate them so much. Parties and myself just don’t work well together. But my family aren’t completely heartless, so I’ll probably be able to buy something for my birthday. I really want the Star Driver DVDs, but I also want to play the rest of the Voltage Inc routes I haven’t bought yet.

Voltage, why are you so greedy? The moment I buy something, you release something new. Thanks…

As for this year, I really don’t know what I want to achieve. Maybe a high OP? I’m going to put this in as a warning, but due to this being my final year in high school (crap…it’s a scary thought…), so my updates on this blog will be practically rarely to zilch. I hate to not be able to share things on the internet and find out about new stuff, but I’m afraid that’s life. My social life for this year; well, there won’t be any. I don’t think I can even have time to myself anymore, considering everything I do this year will result in my final grades…I’m doomed.

But anyways, any chance I do get will probably be during my holiday breaks or when I have time, which I think will be rarely. And besides, any time I do have to myself, I’d probably be catching up on my otome games or anime. It’s said to say, but I’m going to be unable to touch the XBOX 360, PS3, PSP, NDS and such for a while. It’s going to be just me and the iPad, playing otome games there.

Why am I ranting like this? I’m sorry (and as a sidenote, my tumblr keeps on notifying me on new updates…it’s getting really annoying…). What can I do now? Oh, I’ve decided to leave Lambert’s review for now, considering I haven’t returned to My Sweet Prince in quite a while. I’ve been busy with Be My Princess (both the Gree and non-Gree) and of coruse, My Sweet Bodyguard on gree. I’m starting to hate Subaru at this point for giving me the 18000 ender roadblock. And there is no lucky 24 hours to get the ender to move along *cries* Gree, why must you be so greedy? (I get the feeling that’s why they named their company Gree…) Why am I crying? I am sitting on around 16250 ender and you only gain 50 ender per guard, unless you manage to get a bonus and get 100 ender. In other words…I can’t move on until I buy that stupid dress and apron! *Sigh* I want to go after Mizuki———————-!

That aside, I’ll get past that roadblock and as for Be My Princess for Gree, I’m currently on Glenn’s route. He and I are at ‘A’ compatibility (same with Subaru…but I currently hate him for the roadblock), so I’m hoping to reach ‘S’ rank sometime. Alan is such a cutie so I have no problems with this route at this point XD

Anyways, enjoy your new year and if I can get anything to post, I’ll try my best. See you!

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