Be My Princess Screenshots

The reason why I haven’t been blogging is because I was too busy self-indulging myself in the ‘Be My Princess’ game. Seriously, the game is so good, but those love passes…I hate them so much.

So I’ll make it up to you guys I post some screenshots of the gameplay. (please excuse the white bar…it’s not meant to be there.)

imageRoberto, I don’t believe in that crap since I’ve heard it enough from Neji Hyuuga…but you’re a sweetie so I’ll forgive you for that nonsense XD


Something tells me that we’re going to get a lot of verbal abuse once we go down his route…but he’s one of my favourite designs though and I have a soft spot for these kuudere type.


For some reason lately, I’ve been eyeing Glenn more than I should have. Forgive me Keith! I will complete your route before I go ont Glenn’s!


Lost for words huh? XD He got told off by something younger than him (Glenn XD)


Don’t look so sad Edward. These princes can’t help but be total jerks 🙂 Edward’s a total sweetie though XD

Sadly, I didn’t get to screen capture Prince Wilfred ): I promise I’ll spam this blog with many pictures of him once they appear. Just let those stupid love passes come back to me first =_= As a bonus, here’s another screenshot for you.


Have you noticed that the colour scheme is mostly red, blue, yellow/gold, black and white? Well, I guess it’s better than having rainbow boys…

That stupid white bar ruins everything…that’s because I tend to push the iPad horizontally so it flips. But obviously, the white bar will not go away  instantly so you have to wait…

Lambet’s route is currently underway. I don’t know when I’ll finish it, but I’ll get it done. Just be patient with me.

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