Shall We Date?: My Sweet Prince Review

I’m such a hyprocrite. I told myself not to review anymore, but I can’t help it, especially since I recently got a new otome game. Now I got mine on the iPad, but you can get it on your iPhone and iPod touch as well, so if you want to give it a try for yourself, then go ahead. As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, sure, the story may not be all that great (if you can even call it a story), but the characters themselves make up for it. As well as that, the art is just pure gorgeousness. So, let the review begin!


Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince, is a Japanse otome game that has been translated to English so that we can enjoy and understand it. There is no voice acting or sounds (so I had to put on my own music in order for me to play it – in this case, I put on ViViD songs I got off from iTunes). Standard VN game, you read the text, pick choices in order to get the  best ending and of course, chasing the hot pixelated guy (or guys) that tickles your fancy.

So in this game, you get six princes and a butler to choose from. My reaction on the butler was like O.O, I mean come on, he’s forty years old. I’m sorry, but I like men who still have a bit of ikemeness to him thank you very much. Story is that you’re an office secretary from Japan (who would’ve guessed?) who goes on vacation to a  foreign country whose name is never mentioned within in the game, but we can safely assume it’s located in the middle east due to the setting and people who live there. You get robbed by a thief, who drops an expensive looking bracelet in the process (welp, we all know that this thief is pretty inexperienced :P) and when you go to hand in the bracelet to the authorities; you get taken to the palace! (le gasp!) So in the end, you have to pick out of the six princes in order to give the bracelet over to, because whoever has it, has the right to succession to the throne. Well then, our eligible bachelors for this game are:

...I sense some hostility here

…I sense some hostility here

Lambert: Cold and aloof, as well was arrogant. He’s your typical prince, constantly looking at seeing himself above commoners and have high expectations for his things to be perfect. 😛 He’s one of those characters where you’ll feel like throwing your device at the wall, but once you get through his thick shell, he can be a total sweet heart.

No response??

No response??

Chezem: He’s silent and withdrawn, but has a great love for learning from books and often locks himself away in his room just to read. If you can get him to open up to you, you won’t regret it. Chezem’s a pure sweetheart and is much better compared to Lambert. He’s not all rough with you, but he’s definitely a lot harder to get to open up.

Shota to the max!

Shota to the max!

Nagit: The youngest of the prince, but possibly one of the more mature ones. He may be sixteen, but he seems more like a 12 year old to me. I mean, Ryoma Echizen didn’t even look that young right? He’s adorable and all, but you’re an office secretary, so dating a sixteen year old may be awkward to many of you, me included. But if you like shota characters, then here you go.

Excuse me? Is that how you greet a lady?

Excuse me? Is that how you greet a lady?

Alvah: Cheerful and energetic, he’s constantly beaming with smiles and is never seen with a frown. But any guy that energetic must be hiding something right? Am I right? Alvah’s a nice refreshing guy to play, especially if you’re not solely into the romance thing. I liked playing Alvah’s route though.

Thanks...I feel soo much better now

Thanks…I feel soo much better now

Jun: Sadistic and manipulative, Jun is the same age as Alvah and like Lambert, constantly seeking you to become king. Besides him acting like an ass to you, he does have a very good reason for wanting to become king. Once you managed to get him to open up to you, he’s just like a shy little boy, blushing constantly. It’s really cute.

Flirt alert, flirt alert, flirt alert!

Flirt alert, flirt alert, flirt alert!

Melchiorre: Or Mel for short as I’ve seen on the web. He’s a complete playboy and is never seen without a female companion. But there’s a lot more to this playboy than meets the eye. He’s not really my favourite, but his story pulled my heart strings the most. It may be just me, but it definitely pulled my heart strings, more than Lambert’s.

Of course if those six attractive and hot princes aren’t enough for you, you can go for the forty year old butler, Ivan. Oh good grief why?

I'd like to live thank you very much. Thanks for the question

I’d like to live thank you very much. Thanks for the question

Ivan: Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice guy and all, but as I said before, I still prefer men who have no wrinkles and are still ikemen. He may be harsh and strict at first, but once you opened up to him, he is constantly looking out for you and keeping you from harm. I felt very uncomfortable doing his route, so I did skip a majority of the story. I don’t think I’ll ever put his review up, so you may need to find another person. But you will get his CGs which I had to sit through a tortuous playthrough to get them.

Aside from that, the crack in this game is one of the best. I mean the interactions between characters are hilarious, especially with Tamir, the king. Speaking of side characters, there are three others that you should know about.



Well sweetie, he did kinda you can if you wanted to

Well sweetie, he did kinda offer…so you can if you wanted to

Tamir: The king who has 99 women in his harem. He actually offers you to be the 100th women in his harem, to which you refuse. (pffHAHAHAHAHA! This guy is golden! Best character EVER!)

Falitna: The minister’s daughter who I felt like strangling, disembowelling, stabbing, burning, going super saiyan on (the list can go on) and knocking off the cliff so many times except in Chezem’s route. She was actually likeable in his route, but in every other route, oh boy did my blood boil at the things she said. Being raised up in a rich family meant she is spoiled and it’s only worst that she’ll constantly chase after the prince to become their queen. Newsflash Falitna, the heroine becomes the queen in the end 😀

Balam: Falitna’s father and a minister of the palace who’s constantly scheming to get the throne for himself. Seriously, why didn’t Tamir throw you and your daughter out in the palace in the first place? He claims to know a lot about Japan…FROM THE INTERNET!! No joke, that’s exactly what he says and you can totally guess my reaction. It went like this; O_O -> =_= -> pffHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yep, good times.

But the issue of this is that it costs money to buy from the app store. About $5.50 for the base game and $7.50 each for the other stories and $4.50 for the add on story. Is it worth the money? Well, perhaps if you’re looking for a good character interaction then yes, but otherwise, don’t buy everything straight off. I have finished the main story for all the characters, so I’m working on getting the extra pocket money for the add on story. But otherwise, enjoy the review, because Lambert is up first.

4 thoughts on “Shall We Date?: My Sweet Prince Review

  1. I played Ivan’s route.

    I have always had a thing for older men, and omg. Ivan did not dissapoint.

    Most of the chara ters, i hated because they were either rude, inconsiderate, quiet……the list can go on and on. But Ivan actually seemed to be the most coldest and rudest. Especially in the beginning. But once you talk to him and he opens up, he is a total sweetheart.

    Out of all the routes, my favorite was Ivan.

    Your prince isn’t always a prince by society, but he will be one in your heart. ❤

    But yeah, I hate Lambert the most.

    • Ivan’s a nice guy, I’m not saying he’s not. And I should love his type, but I just felt uncomfortable. The age gap is pretty massive between us and therefore I don’t feel comfortable playing his route.

      Otherwise, if the age gap wasn’t so big, I think I would love Ivan’s route too.

  2. I love your review. It’s very enlightening. I laugh about the part your felt uncomfortable doing Ivan’s route. It’s true , I’m only 17, why would I date a 40 yr old…… So I understand you. Also, I just want to add this in, I love Nagit route; I love all of them even though I haven’t get to all of them yet. I like his route because I felt like I can really relate with him. ALSO, his birthday is exactly the same as mine!!!!! In addition, the part where you discussed about Falitna, I agree the she is spoiled because, I’m doing Chezem’s route now, she treated me like a nobody.

    • Thank you for reading my review then~ I’ve been getting told numerous of types how cheerful and enlightening my reviews are. My BroCon post was even highlighted in a forum haha.

      But yeah, I’m just not big on the whole age gap thing, and it’s a massive age gap as well sheesh. Ivan has a really nice personality, but because of the age gap, it was really hard to enjoy his route.

      Nagit is just too young-looking for me. He may only be a year or two younger than me, but I feel just as uncomfortable with him as I am with Ivan.

      As for Falitna, she could be a nice person, but she’s just too arrogant and spoiled to even be nice to commoners. Otherwise, I don’t hate her–I just hate her rotten personality.

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