So My Life So Far…

Hey guys, sorry for not being able to post anything in a while. The last thing I posted up was in…August? That’s almost three months of me being away from my blog, sorry about that. My exams are coming up so I barely any time to myself. Anyhow, I think I deserve to tell you what happened between the three month gap.

I got my learners’ license (back in july), but I must have forgotten to post about it. Oh well, I’m about 15-16 hours in? I don’t know, I haven’t checked my book in a while. I went on school camp and enjoyed that thoroughly. Sucks cause it’ll be my last camp unless I take a course in uni that allows me to go to camp. I also went to Supanova expo, which I had spent quite a few money on. I’ll post up what I bought some other time, but I had fun, not as much as last year, considering it rained on the only day we could go. I wore a Vampire Knight Day Class uniform that a friend lent me and no, I will not post myself wearing it. Privacy please.

My cousin returned my computer, so now I can access some of my old files, videos and music, not to mention I can play PC Otome games on it now that I don’t have to use the laptop. My laptop is only for schoolwork, so I don’t want any more games on it. Speaking of games, a friend lent me 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors to play, but I haven’t got all the endings he had recommended. And with no time left, I’m just going to get the Submarine ending over and done with and play the other endings some other time. Really good game guys, try it when you have the chance or opportunity.

What else? I don’t have much to say about Visual Kei, but I heard  SuG went on hiatus. I was shocked and disappointed at first, but I let it go, What can you do about it? It’s their choice. I haven’t been looking into to Visual Kei too much I apologise, but I have other things to do (study…).

And I think that settles everything. I keep getting requests in my inbox telling me I should do a bag check. They’re curious as to what I carry in my bag. I will try and do a video of that, mainly when my family is out of the house, that way it’s easier. And you guys also wanted to see my house…unfortunately, my whole house is not to be shown, but I can show you my room and that’s it. Like I said before, privacy please.

I’ll try to get the bag check done sometime and show you pictures of my room too. See you guys!

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