CardFIGHT!! Vanguard – Episode 3 Summary

The third episode of the CardFIGHT!! Vanguard season one anime! Third episode introduces Sendou Aichi’s younger sister, Sendou Emi. It also shows how much Aichi has improved since the first two episodes, not just at cardfighting but his old habits that he has slowly become to overcome.

Now sit back and enjoy the third episode summary!


CardFIGHT!! Vanguard Episode 3 – Welcome to Card Capital!

We start the episode off with a recap from the cardfight Sendou Aichi had between him and Kai. The young boy is quickly snapped out of his dream as his younger sister, Sendou Emi, calls his name. He wakes up, recalling his match against Kai and realises that he needs to grow stronger.

After the opening, Aichi is seen downstairs at the dining room, taking a sip from his mug. Emi comes and hands him his breakfast, saying that she worries about him sometime. If she wasn’t there to wake him up, he would have slept in. As Emi gets ready for school and calls for Aichi’s name, she noticed that he wasn’t in his room and went downstairs just in time to see her brother leave.

Their mother commented how it’s nice that he’s been going to school earlier as of late. This surprised Emi as she had to wake up him and get him out of bed since last week. The mother said that he had also been coming home late and wonders if he found something fun to do at school. As she went back into the kitchen, Emi is told that she’ll be late if she doesn’t go to school, prompting her to leave and head for school.

Along the way, Emi tags slowly behind Aichi, keeping a close eye on him, wondering what is up with her brother. She continues to follow Aichi up until she is met up with her friend, Mai and when Aichi goes in a separate direction. Heading off to school, Emi fails to see Morikawa Katsumi and Izaki Yuuta run up to Aichi. The two teenagers declare a race with Aichi to school and the blue haired teenager had to run up to catch up with his friends so that he wouldn’t get left behind.

After school on the way home, Emi decides to head to Aichi’s school and see the reason why he comes home so late. She encounters him and stayed out of view as Morikawa and Izaki catches up with him. Emi mistakenly assumes the two are delinquents and are taking Aichi somewhere so they can beat him up.

Desperate to save her brother from trouble, Emi follows the three as they head towards Card Capital. Once they reached the shop and entered, Emi looks at the store in bewilderment. She mistakes the card shop as a gang hideout where Aichi would be ganged up upon and be beaten up. Convinced that Aichi was in trouble, she enters the store, only to become surprised when her assumption was completely wrong.

Inside, Emi is greeted by shop manager, Nitta Shin and he introduces her to Vanguard. Emi sees her brother sitting down and playing the game with Morikawa and watches the match intensely, becoming interested in the game. This makes it hard for Shin to teach her about the game since she’s so focused on watching the match.

The match between Morikawa and Aichi begins with them starting with their starting Vanguard; Morikawa’s Lizard Runner, Undeux and Aichi’s Stardust Trumpeter. A sneak peek of Morikawa’s hand reveals that he has mostly Grade 3s, the most powerful units within the game of Vanguard. He tells Aichi to watch out, because he’s confident that he’ll beat the new player.

Aichi replies that he’ll do his best and draws his card. He starts off by riding Little Sage, Marron and ends his turn there. Morikawa begins his turn by drawing and riding Embodiment of Armour, Bahr. He declares an attack on Marron, to which Aichi quickly defends with Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine. Morikawa tries for a Drive Trigger, to which he unfortunately couldn’t draw.

Shin, in the distance, looked at Morikawa’s hand and comments that he had some balance issues. He looked over to Emi, who is still watching the match intently. He asks if she understands what’s going on and she replies that she doesn’t and that it goes to fast. Shin reassures her that it takes everyone awhile to learn the rules and that after the match is over he could give Emi some Vanguard lessons. Tokura Misaki immediately shot down his suggestion; ‘Shouldn’t you be working?’ (Tokura Misaki, Episode 3).

With Aichi’s next turn, he rides Blaster Blade, putting Morikawa in a panic and Emi to become surprised at her brother’s confidence. Aichi sends two Knight of Silence, Gallatin to the rear-guard as well as Wingal. Blaster Blade, along with Wingal’s support and the two Gallatins all attack Bahr, leaving Morikawa completely wide open due to his inability to guard with the number of Grade 3s in hand.

Although not being able to defend, Morikawa is enthusiastic to have a lot of Grade 3s in his deck, rather than having ‘weak’ Grade 0s and 1s. Aichi’s ends his turn, being able to deal 3 damage to Morikawa. Morikawa starts his next turn by drawing a card, hoping for a Grade 2. Unfortunately, he draw another Embodiment of Armour, Bahr and is unable to call his Grade 3 without a Grade 2 to help. Left with no choice, Morikawa calls the second Bahr to rear-guard in order to boost up his Vanguard Bahr and declares an attack on Blaster Blade.

However, Aichi uses Flogal to defend, catching Morikawa off-guard, leaving him no choice but to hand his turn over to Aichi. Aichi begins his turn by drawing card and having one of his Gallatin attack Bahr. Throughout the match, Emi notices how different her brother is when he is playing the game as oppose to when he normally is in the past. Morikawa manages to draw Embodiment of Spear, Tahr and adds it to his hand.

Emi notes that Aichi has changed and how he had always been afraid before. She would have to get him out of bed everyday and figures the reason for his change, was because of this card game; Vanguard. Aichi has Wingal support Blaster Blade, having his Vanguard attack Morikawa’s Bahr. Morikawa quickly puts down Tahr to defend, but Aichi said that Blaster Blade has an extra power boost from Wingal. Tahr’s shield only adds 10000 to Bahr’s 8000 power, but Blaster Blade has 9000, plus Wingal’s 6000 and 4000 along with Bringer of Good Luck, Epona’s Crtical Trigger, adds 5000 power to Blaster Blade as well 1 damage extra, makes a total of 2 damage and 24000 power. Therefore Tahr’s defense is useless and the attack goes through.

Aichi wins the match and Izaki notes that Aichi had gotten no damage throughout the entire match. This causes Morikawa to exclaim in shock on how he could lose so badly and Emi walks over to the table. She takes a couple of Aichi’s cards and looks at them, commenting that she likes the picture. She asks Aichi if Vanguard is fun to which he replies with yes.

While Morikawa and Izaki asks if Emi is his girlfriend, to which Aichi replies that she is his sister, Emi wonders if Aichi is really coming out of his shell. She asks for Aichi to play again so she could watch more and Morikawa happily accepts for Aichi, claiming that he’ll beat Aichi this time. The episode ends with Morikawa and Aichi starting off their second match and Emi watching with a smile on her face, happy that her brother is slowly becoming more confident and is finally able to makes friends.

My Comment: This was a sweet episode. It shows how much Emi cares for her brother, even if she may be a bit blunt with him at times. The episode reveals a little more of Aichi’s past and how he would have to be woken up everytime so that he could go to school and it supports how much Emi cares for her brother when she’s glad he’s coming out of his shell. The humour in this episode is also great and Morikawa is just pure gold! My only complaint is when Morikawa drew Embodiment of Spear, Tahr as his damage trigger, but puts it his hand. That’s another error, but if you aren’t paying close attention, you don’t realise this. Other than that, it’s not focusing solely on cardfights, but rather the bond between Emi and Aichi, making it a sweet and friendly episode.

Sendou Aichi: He’s grown more confident and I can agree with Emi on that. He’s also growing stronger within the game of Vanguard so he is quickly learning the game. It also shows that Aichi, in the past, would have resulted to being a hikikomori if Kai had never given him the Blaster Blade, so I feel sympathy towards Aichi. He’s been bullied so much that it leads to depression and I’ve seen so many things like that here at my school so I really do feel sorry for him. He’s just so sweet and innocent though.

Sendou Emi: She is introduced in this episode and it shows how much she cares for Aichi. Her wanting to save Aichi from both Morikawa and Izaki was hilarious as well as cute, since she was worried for her brother’s own good and decided to take matters into her own hands. She’s mature for her age, but she does display a bit of childishness, claiming that both Morikawa and Izaki looked scary. I really love Emi, she’s a sweet and adorable character.

Morikawa Katsumi: We finally get to see Morikawa’s playstyle and indeed, he sucks. But without his fail skills, then the anime series would not be funny or entertaining at all. But I can totally see why Morikawa wants some Grade 3s, considering he’s been beaten by Kai twice in the first episode. He often lets his confidence gets through his head, but I think he knows how to play the game well, he just doesn’t use the right cards. Dude…seriously, get rid of some of those Grade 3s haha.

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