CardFIGHT!! Vanguard – Episode 2 Summary

Whee~! It’s time for the second episode summary! If you have read my episode one summary and had somewhat become interested in this anime and don’t mind spoilers, then you may read on. Since episode one was pretty much introducing everything and such, from this episode onwards, I’ll be tending to make comments on things at the end. Can be something that bugged or something I thought my input would make it interesting. But more importantly, it’ll be on the individual characters and what I thought of them, only if they have a major role in the episode of course.

That aside, go ahead and read the second episode summary, but if you have no interest in the summary or hate spoilers, then avoid the summary at all costs.


CardFIGHT!! Vanguard Episode 2 – Ride to Victory!

Continuing on from the previous episode, we resume with the cardfight against Sendou Aichi and Kai Toshiki. It seems bad at this point where Aichi has four damage, but Kai only has two. With the luck of drawing Blaster Blade, the table seems to turn around for Aichi and he activates Blaster Blade’s counterblast. By flipping two cards over in his damage zone, Aichi manages to retire one of Kai’s rear-guard units; Wyvern Strike Tejas.

Kai remembers Aichi as the boy who had gotten beaten up many years ago. In the past, Aichi had gotten himself beaten up so much that he barely wanted to go to school anymore. Kai had met the dirtied and beaten up Aichi and gave him a card, in hopes that one day he would stand up for himself and be like the unit on the card. That card was Blaster Blade.

Since that day, Aichi’s life has gotten better each day and he found the confidence and happiness that he lacked in the past. Unfortunately, before Aichi could finish building the deck he was working on, Kai had moved away. But Aichi noted that while building his deck, he forgot all the awful beatings he had received from the bullies and said that it was all thanks to Kai who had helped him see happiness once again.

Aichi calls Knight of Silence, Gallatin to the rear-guard and along with Blaster Blade with support from Wingal and Little Sage, Marron with support from Flogal, he attacks Kai’s Dragon Knight, Nehalem. Passing the turn over to Kai, Aichi became shocked when Kai comments that the only reason he gave Aichi Blaster Blade was not to show him happiness, rather he wanted to beat Aichi in Vanguard in a way that the bullies couldn’t. He didn’t care for Aichi’s feelings.

Both Izaki and Morikawa were mortified at Kai’s cold hearted personality and Miwa wonders if Kai really meant that. Aichi denies that the Kai he knew wouldn’t do that, but in turn, that only angered him. Kai retorts that he’s not the person Aichi admired and that he was making up a fairytale in his head. As Kai went to draw his next card, a flame appears as he drew the card. With a smirk, Kai ride Dragonic Overlord, the trump card in Kai’s deck.

Not only has Kai managed to call his Grade 3 trump card to the Vanguard circle, but to add to Aichi’s threat, he calls two Dragon Dancer, Monica. But that’s not all; paying three damage in his damage zone and flipping them over, Kai activates Dragonic Overlord’s counterblast. This increases the monstrous unit’s power by 5000 and it doesn’t end there. By attacking the opponent’s rear-guard, Dragonic Overlord is able to stand and attack once again.

Now on the offensive, Kai supports Bahr with Monica and attacks Blaster Blade. With quick thinking, Aichi guards the attack with Stardust Trumpeter, but Kai continues to assault relentlessly. With Wyvern Strike Jarran’s support, his second Monica attacks Blaster Blade, but once again, Aichi manages to stop the attack by guarding with Knight of Silence, Gallatin.

While both Morikawa and Miwa are impressed by Aichi managing to stop two of Kai’s attack, the cold cardfighter’s turn is still not over. Kai shocks and confuses Aichi when he attacks Gallatin, who is in the rear-guard circle, with Dragonic Overlord. To Aichi’s shock, Dragonic Overlord’s ability to attack a rear-guard and stand up again makes it so Kai can land three attacks in the same turn, but at the cost of a counterblast. Wiping out both Gallatin and Marron, Kai proceeds to attack Blaster Blade.

Unfortunately for Aichi, Kai checks for a drive trigger and draws Embodiment of Spear, Tahr, giving Dragonic Overlord the Critical Trigger effects. As Aichi went to draw his sixth card for his damage zone, he had luckily drawn Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine, a Heal Trigger. Tokura Misaki explained the whole process of drawing a heal trigger; as long as you have equal or more damage than your opponent, you can recover one damage.

With Aichi on five damage, equal with Kai, the battle still rages on as Aichi takes his next turn. Before playing any cards, Aichi said that he didn’t believe any of the cruel and harsh things Kai had said earlier. If Kai had wanted to give Aichi Blaster Blade in order to bully him later on, then Aichi would have never gotten the courage he got from receiving the card. Kai retorts that it’s a joke, but Aichi disagrees and says that the card will always be important to him. He could never forget all the bad things that happened to him in the past and that he had always admired Kai for being so nice as to give him Blaster Blade.

With a new found strength, Aichi draws his next card and shocks Kai at the show of confidence he had gained. Aichi calls Elaine to his rear-guard and with support from Flogal, he attacks Dragonic Overlord. Kai intercepts by having Tahr guard and Aichi calls in his final unit to attack; Blaster Blade.

Misaki notes that even with the support from Wingal, Blaster Blade’s power would not be enough to penetrate through Kai’s second Tahr if he uses it to guard. Aichi attacks Dragonic Overlord with Blaster Blade, but Kai once again stops the attack with a second Tahr to guard. Relying on the only hope and option left to him, Aichi checks for a drive trigger, ultimately drawing Bringer of Good Luck, Epona and earning himself a Critical Trigger. With that, Aichi wins against Kai and earning his Blaster Blade back; ‘Looks like it was your card after all’ (Kai Toshiki, Episode 2).

Although beating Kai, Aichi still has a lot to learn and the following day, he asks Morikawa if he could teach him a few things. Unfortunately, he says he doesn’t have time to teach a runt like him and Aichi goes to Card Capital after school. Misaki asks if he was waiting for someone, to which Aichi says he is, but the person probably wasn’t going to show up because he hated him. She reassured him by saying she didn’t think.

Looking up, Aichi saw both Miwa and Kai entering Card Capital, the latter saying he was glad that Aichi came back. Miwa suggested that Aichi battled against him this time, to which, Morikawa and Izaki interrupted by entering the shop and challenging Aichi. Despite being shocked that Kai had returned to the shop, the five settled down and started a cardfight with one another and Aichi narrates that card games become a part of everyone’s life and became a part of his too and changed his life forever.

My Comment: The episode continues on from the cliffhanger from the first episode and it reveals a couple of things, including Aichi’s past and Kai’s ‘reason’ for giving Aichi the Blaster Blade. To be honest, it was a good episode, but it did lack a bit of entertainment and such, but that’s only because it was the first battle and Aichi still hasn’t gotten used to the game yet. There were a couple of continuity error in this episode, but it’s so small you barely even noticed it. Other than that, I enjoyed the episode, not as much as the first, but it was still pretty good.

Sendou Aichi: He’s an adorable little guy, but he lacks self-confidence. I have nothing against Aichi and since this is the second episode, he is still new to the game as well as being very naive. He has a kind nature and that alone allows him to be taken advantage of as well as being easy to boss around and run over by. He was adorable in this episode though.

Kai Toshiki: We see a different side to Kai in this episode. Where he may seem a bit nicer to Aichi in the first episode, he shows a more rough, mean side to Aichi in this episode. This is how Kai normally acts, seeing as how he had been acting in a similar way to Morikawa. Although he says he didn’t care for Aichi’s feelings, I don’t think that’s entirely true. I just think he didn’t like how Aichi wasn’t standing up for himself, but he covered it up so that no one knew about his softer side. That’s not to say he wasn’t an ass in this episode, there were parts where I thought he took it a little far and even Miwa seemed to acknowledge that.

Tokura Misaki: She didn’t have a major role, but I thought that her explaining Heal Triggers to Aichi was really good and that she had asked him if he was waiting for Kai was showing a more softer side to her. It goes to show that she knows a lot about the game, but even then, she didn’t have a major role so I can’t go too much on her.

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