School Soon…Grrrrr

School is starting soon for me…and I don’t really like that. I lost a whole week out of my holidays thanks to my trip, but it was fun, but I start school very soon. I guess I shouldn’t complain but school is a drag…I just want to sit down and read and write stories like I always do.

Apart from that, nothing really happened (nothing interesting ever happens anymore DX), so I can’t really share much. I haven’t been buying games recently, only because there are barely anything I really want and I really don’t have the money. I’m saving up because I recently got my learners and my parents need to pay for my driving lessons.

Nothing to rant about, surprisingly. I don’t like ranting about, to be honest, but  somethings are just so unjustified so I had to put my input on it. But as I said, there’s nothing really to rant about. Oh, regarding Visual Kei, I can’t show or share any of it to my friends. They don’t get the gist of the point; VISUAL KEI. Of course they’re going to look elaborate and over the top and yes, some of them, do cross dress. I have no problems with cross dressing though. Everyone makes a big deal about Visual Kei, but it’s just for show. Nothing more.

That’s all I really have to say about it. You know, one of my friends watch anime and there are a lot of suspicious things in anime, but he can’t take Visual Kei. I shown him a picture of Royz just for the logo I managed to draw and he tried not to laugh at them. This is where, you my lovely readers, tell me with a reason; What is apparently so funny about Royz? This is the look I’m talking about;

Now I don’t want to be an ass and say he’s a horrible person, but my friend is a sweet and funny guy. But really, what he said really pissed me off. I may not have shown it, but I was furious. It’s just people in general who says Visual Kei is weird, funny, stupid or etc. So what? At least their music/songs are pretty good (some aren’t that great though and I’m not just talking about Royz), cause I’ve heard songs that suck and are sung in English.

And here’s another thing I want you readers to justify on. Why should people hate pop? Now being a listener of music, I can listen to mostly any kind of music. I don’t like screamos though, I can bear with it to an extent, but I can’t say I ever like the idea of vocalists screaming into the microphones *looks to ex-V-last vocalist Shyena*, yeah, A-live had a lot of screaming and that really wasn’t cool…Why did I ask the question though? Two of my friends hate pop music…but you can’t be a real listener to music if you don’t listen to pop. Their answer was that it was not good…without a justified reason. So that’s why I’m giving you readers a chance to speak for it. Comment here or send a message to my email is fine, just so long I can get a good response.

Thanks and see you later!

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