League of Legends…I’ll Give It A Try

As the title says, I’m willing to give League of Legends a try. I’ll be known by the usual username, ‘alchemy5mage’ there, but if you add me, don’t think I’ll play a match with you and your friends. I have to test it out and get used to the feel of it first. And I won’t have a particular champion I use all the time, because I want to try out as much as I can before purchasing the ones I want.

My reason for joining? My brothers are addicted to it so I decided to give it a try, because some of the champions are awesome looking. Aside from that…it’ll take me at least two to three weeks to adapt to it and I have a very unstable laptop so don’t expect me to play regularly. I’ll get up early in the morning and play it and then play it late at night. That’s to keep my laptop cool enough to handle the software.

So yeah, I’ll see you guys on the battlefield. Oh and before I forget, if you’re a rage quitter or a sore loser on the game, I’ll report you. No one likes a person who can’t take a loss and rages to his team mates about it or leaves the game. I can understand if you’re computer crashes and such, but rage quitting and being a sore loser is immature. Take it like a man…or a woman if you play the game. For the record, I am a girl if you’re wondering, but aside from that, I will have none of the whole ‘rage quitters’ or ‘sore losers with a negative attitude’ on the game. It’s meant to be a team working game, not every man for himself. So yeah, I know I’m making a big deal out of it, but some fool was being rude and disrespectful to my brother so I want to take it up on that matter.

My brother is an excellent player at the game so the only reason why the person would bash him for that is because they suck and they just want to take it out on someone else. Yeah…you know who you are and you better watch out.

All negativity aside, see you on the network! That is…if you play it XD

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