I’m Back!

Hello everyone, I’m back! Actually, I returned yesterday, but I was so tired I barely got to post anything here. So anyways…I went to sleep and didn’t wake up to eleven…the latest I have ever woke up. My back, arms, legs and butt are killing me from falling off the snowboard way too many times. I had fun though! Just not when I fell off the snowboard.

I do have pictures, but I’ll post them another time. I have to sort through them and find which one I like and no, I will not post any of my friends, myself or the instructor. Even if they don’t mind, I will not do so. It’s just a policy I have and I want to stick to it.

So aside from that, nothing new has really happened in the visual kei section or the games section, in which the otome games I’ll come back another time. I’m just not in any mood for new otome games since I want to complete Persona 4 fully and then focus on buying a PS Vita for Golden and other games.

I’ll be starting to post decently tonight…where I think all tiredness will disappear. I just need caffeine XD

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