Spam Mail Makes Me Murderous…And Royz Makes Me Happy

I have had three spam mails today and it’s really irritating me. Whoever is sending spam mails better stop or I’ll do more than just raging…Apart from that though, it’s just two days until I leave for a week. So…to make you guys feel a bit better, I’ll talk about Royz, the band I recently got into.


The awkward thing is, they formed into 2009, but I didn’t start listening to them until I heard 「NOAH」 which was…two weeks ago??? I do this to a lot of bands, if I don’t listen to their music, I just don’t really pay all that much attention to them. Since listening to their latest maxi single and really enjoyed 「NOAH」, I decided to give them a chance and will start to listen to each of their upcoming singles and albums. I haven’t gotten to 「α」yet, but I’ll get there eventually. Now, I’ll take about each of the individual band members, but since I don’t know too much about them, I can only speculate from various videos I’ve watched of them.


Subaru is the vocalist of Royz and he has an amazing voice. To me,  a vocalist can only be good if their voice is versatile, meaning, their voice sounds different when they sing, as opposed to their normal speaking voice. From the videos I’ve watched, Subaru is cool and calm, but he can be quite the little kid when he wants to be. I don’t know what his real personality is like, because I’ve only known Royz for two weeks, but he seems really reliable. I love how he remarks that the face paint he puts on the right side of his cheek is a Subaru original. That way no one can steal it haha.


Kuina was the last to join Royz from what I’ve read and right now, the picture above, he reminds me of Kazuki of SCREW. I’ll talk more on that later, but his previous look in 「NOAH」made him look like Ryouga of ViViD. Anyways, he seems so relaxed and loves to have fun. He gets along really well with Koudai, from what I’ve seen in various videos. Those two are just like brothers, they are so funny together. That aside, Kuina’s guitar playing is pretty good, I can’t say too much since I’ve only watched a couple of live videos. I’ll probably go and watch more to listen to his playing though. It’s hard to hear which guitar piece is whose, because there are two guitarists *looks below to Kazuki*, yeah, I’m mentioning you. Other than that though, hope all the best for Kuina and I’m more than happy to support him and the rest.


I don’t mean for this to be a comparison, but Kazuki just looks so much like Kazuki from SCREW. I know the chances of that are slim and that they are only stage names, but I can’t help but think they look so similar. Then again, I think Kazuki from SCREW has larger eyes. That was the only way I could tell that Ken from AND -Eccentric Agent- and Ibuki from D=OUT were brothers; their eyes. Enough of that, Kazuki here is a cute little boy (I’m calling him a little boy even though he’s older than me), but he’s not naive or innocent like a child. I think he’s pretty intelligent, even if he acts like a little kid half the time. Aside from his childish nature, he’s a good guitarist. I’ll need to watch more lives and listen to more music before I can really comment fairly on their instrument playing and singing in Subaru’s case.


As I’ve said before in Kuina’s section, he and the guitarist seem to get along very well. I don’t know if it’s because they knew each other before being in the same band or if they just happen to get along so well the moment they met. That’s not really any of my business anyways. Like all the Royz members, Koudai just loves to have fun. I swear, they all act more childish and high than most teenagers my age do. But it what makes them cute and unique. Most people over here would call it weird and strange, but I totally support them. They can act however they want, but when it results to crime *looks over to the TV to see a bunch of teenage delinquents being hauled over by police*, it does get pretty bad. Not that they will act like that at this point, they’d have to have serious problems. Back to the musical matters, I can’t really hear the bass all that well in 「NOAH」, but I’m pretty sure if I really pay attention, Koudai is a great bassist. I just have to listen more closely.


Tomoya, Tomoya, Tomoya, where do I start? He’s a big kid, I don’t know if this is only noticeable mostly in 「NOAH」making video, but in 「α」making of video, he seems more level headed. I guess because it was coming into winter for them so he did seem pretty sick (And he was sniffling too…poor guy). But since「NOAH」was filmed in spring, he was definitely chipper and was basically being a kid. I guess it seems immature to most people here, but we all have some form of immaturity within ourselves. It’s just Tomoya is a big kid that makes him seem immature. But he’s a responsible guy (Knowing to clog his bloody nose haha) and I think he plays the drums very well. While I can’t hear the bass very well (Sorry Koudai!), the drums I can hear clearly. Blends in well with the songs. Gonna support Tomoya and the rest of  Royz.

Let’s make this clear; yes, they are good looking, but none of them are my type…nor do I really want to be with any of them. I’m sorry,  like I said, I don’t even know them and even if I did, they make me seem like the big sister rather than a friend. I’m just sick of people liking bands/singers because of their looks. To me, I’d rather sit home and watch their live videos and listen to their music, rather than going to their lives. That’s mainly because the loud songs will kill my ears, but that’s beside the point. Point is, we should really be supporting them in their music careers and not for their looks, even though visual kei is focusing on the looks haha. If I ever meet them during a fan conference or if I do go to their concert, I would try and strike up a good conversation with them. Nothing involving romance or confessing feelings; just a simple everyday conversation. But for that, I need to learn more Japanese, even though I’m pretty good at this point. Thanks and hope you support Royz if you’re a fan. I’m still not a major fan of theirs, but they’ll get there eventually. Just keep up the good work Royz!

Go to Royz Official Site

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