It’s Time For A Change!

Do you see the new layout? I decided to have a change and use this layout instead. It’s a lot different from the previous one, because this one requires tiled images for the background. So I went with something that would look somewhat natural, but that didn’t work too well.

Anyways, apologies to mikupikuart who loved my previous layout, but I decided I needed a change. The previous background made it hard for people to read so I chose this layout. Hopefully it’s easier.

There’s nothing else really for me to say. There hadn’t been too many rants, except this one in particular; people dissing ViViD for reaching the charts.

Okay, I’ll do my best not to be biased here, but if a band was a on a rise to becoming popular, of course they’d appear top of the charts. Isn’t that what the GazettE have done to become popular? Yes, I know GazettE are mostly likely a better band than ViViD, but ViViD themself are a pretty good band. It all depends on music taste  though…I just prefer ViViD’s music to GazettE. Doesn’t mean I hate GazettE, I just find ViViD’s song easier to listen to.

I think people are pretty bias when it comes to their favourite band being towards the top of the charts. Frankly, I don’t care what ranking ViViD gets, they could get a low rank and I would still listen to them. GazettE top or bottom; doesn’t matter so long as I can listen to their music. Their sole reason for topping the charts is mostly on how many CDs they managed to sell within a week, it really has little to do with the music. But that’s not always true, but from what I see, whatever CD manages to sell out the most within in a week usually top the charts. Not always, but most of the time.

Again, don’t care if you bash me here on my blog. You can bash me all you want and say my opinions suck, but opinions are opinions and everyone has at least something to say on matters. You can accuse me of being bias towards ViViD, but on my personal chart, none of their songs really make it to the top three, which I consider the best songs. Some are higher than others, some are lower than others, but rest assured, they are not on the top of my personal chart.

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