Yui is Kai!!!!

I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!!!! Sorry, but I was just scrolling through visual kei videos and since I had nothing to do after my exams. And since UNiTE was getting popular, I thought ‘Eh, why not?’ and looked them up. At first, Yui sounded like Kai from ALiBi, but I dismissed it. I have a knack for hearing people’s voices and memorising them, but I though it  was best not jump to conclusions. It was ONLY when Yui SMILED did I realised something. He had the same as Kai!!!

So I did a little researching and found out that indeed that Yui is Kai from ALiBi. I’m a little surprised at how little people managed to realised this. I haven’t known ALiBi or Kai for very long and I could tell it was him. Thanks to his smile I guess XD

Does the picture look familiar to you? If you remembered ALiBi’s last look as well as Kai’s previous posts on his blogs, he does that pose quite often. Now I don’t really get why some people hated him back in ALiBi. Was he seriously that annoying? I think he sounded perfectly fine and it fits the band’s theme. Yes, I think he sounds great now that he’s in UNiTE, but I can still listen to some ALiBi music and it won’t bother me. It’s not really my business to tell people otherwise, but unless you can come up with a justified reason, I won’t listen to you.

Then again, if you don’t really like the perkiness of ALiBi I can understand that, but don’t hate him just because of his voice, or worst of all, his smile. I adore his smile, it what makes him Kai back in ALiBi. He’s been less smiley lately in UNiTE and I don’t know if he got hate mails saying his smile was annoying (I’m hoping that didn’t really happen…), but his smile is far from annoying. It’s not wrong to smile or be happy and if you people find it annoying, then go find another band and stop bashing him. Don’t like a band or the members in the band? Then don’t listen to them and make comments. Other people may like the band you dislike so it gives you no right to bash them just because you don’t like them.

You can justify your reason for the paragraph above, but it won’t be like the other paragraphs. If I don’t like a certain band or their music doesn’t intrigue, I won’t listen to them. There’s no need to bash or say harsh stuff about them. That aside, I’m more than willing to support Yui and UNiTE and if I hear someone is bashing Yui (not that people have been doing that lately…it’s mostly when he was Kai back in ALiBi), I won’t say anything, but I will think you’re a shallow person. You can criticise with a justified reason and I will be fine with that, but bashing without a reason is not acceptable. I mean it.

I really didn’t want this to become a rant post, but those shallow bashers have made me do so. I’m not going to mention who and I really don’t care if you bash me here on my blog, I stand by what I believe in and you can whine and whinge all you want, it won’t make a difference. Besides, we should all act maturely about this, don’t bash up others just because they said something you didn’t like or it insulted you.

I’m going to end it here, but rest assured, if anything like this shows up again, I will make a rant on it. Just as a little note, I’m not taking sides. I’m merely giving my opinion and if you can’t take my opinion, then go, bye, get lost, whatever tickles your fancy. As for those who appreciates my opinion thanks and see you!

2 thoughts on “Yui is Kai!!!!

  1. I just can agree with your statement. Well, maybe I don’t know ALiBi, because I just heard a little (but not bad comments). To be honest, I can’t, I really can’t understand how people can say that his adorable smile would be disguesting or whatever.

    But bad mouthing is not just in Yui’s case. There lots of people out there who comment about other J-Rock bands the same stuff and I am always like: “Get the hell away from me. What have they done to get so harsh and evil statements?”

    I’m not sure if I shall pity people who can’t get themselves together and stop saying bullsh** about people/bands, they don’t know or not willing to know. Judging people is the worst.

    (And I am pretty sorry about my grammar/writing mistakes, I’m not the best writing English, but give it my best shot)

    • ALiBi wasn’t a major band, but I still liked them enough. A lot of people like to judge others and I think that’s disrespectful when they haven’t done anything :/ and no worries! Your English is fine~! 😀

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