Rant (You can ignore this though)

As you can tell from the title, yes this is a little rant post, but like I said, it can be ignored if you don’t want to read it. I just felt the need to let it out without having to break something (I swear, I wanted to throw my beloved PSP across the room…). Anyways, it’s just a little family problem. My mum thinks we aren’t working hard enough on our school studies and calls myself and my brothers and sister stupid. Ok, if there’s one thing I learned about myself lately, it’s that I am smart, I just barely put in the effort, because I barely ever get motivated. And my marks are acceptable, they aren’t horrible per se. I think she just doesn’t understand the pressure she put us under, I mean, not all of us can achieve A+++++.

To me, stupid is an insult, because I know I’m far from being stupid. Sure I have stupid moments, but being called stupid is going too far. You know what, I don’t care what she tells me anymore and I’m in a very bad mood at the moment. Again, sorry for this, but I had to let it out. It’s not just me though, I know there are a lot more teens out there like myself who have this problem. So for those who do have this problem, just know that I have it too and it’s better to talk to someone about it rather than keep it in. Heck, even talk to your parents on the matter, unless they’re stubborn like mine who doesn’t understand my feelings. I talk to my close friends about it and it really helps. Anyways, again, sorry, but I feel slightly better now…I take my rants a little more calmly than other people but if this was voiced, then  I would be going on and on. But I won’t go there.

Anyways…poll still on, please vote. There’s a tie between my default image and FFType-0 so I want that fixed as a soon as possible. Thank you.

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