Big Apology!

No, I’m not going stop blogging, but I won’t be doing it as much as I probably should. The reason for this is because I’m in senior high school now, I’m getting harder and more stressful assessments and such. Heck, I even have an assignment I need to work over the holidays. On top of that, I only have this year and next year before I graduate so I want to spend most of my times with my friends, because chances are, we may not see each other as often. I have continued writing, but I’m mainly more focused on my own stories. I barely have any time for anything else and when I do have time to spare, I want to spend my time working on them.

Anyways, I’ve also been back into Gundam 00. I have the complete season 1 collection and the move, but not season 2. The store I went to didn’t have the complete edition, just the volumes. Because it would be expensive to buy all six volumes, I decided to wait until they have the complete edition like they have for season 1. I do like the anime very much and I do recommend you watch if you haven’t. Being a big pacifist, I don’t like war so this anime makes me feel very connected to the storyline, whereas any other anime would have made me nod at how good the storyline was.

Aside from that, BROTHERS CONFLICT will come out this month and hopefully I can get my hands on that as well as Atelier Elkrone and AMNESIA Later which I still haven’t been able to get my hands on. Hopefully, I can check another site for cheaper prices.

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