Type-0 Character Guide

I’m not dead everyone! Just out of commission, because of Christmas so everything has been busy for me. In my spare time, I have been polishing my skills on the 14 playable characters of Type-0 and I have pretty much used everyone and mastered the majority of them. This was due to me just exploring the game and then when I start a new game, I know what to expect. And for those who are awaiting the English version (which is currently underway), I will give you the best guide I can give on the game. The guide most likely won’t be ready for awhile, but once I find the time, I will work on it and it mostly revolves around the characters and summons; there will be no spoilers. I refuse to spoil the story plot for those who want to play the game. But if you want to know more, send a message to my email (alchemy5mage@hotmail.com) and I’ll be sure to reply to you.

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