Almost The End of School!

That’s right! My tenth year of school is almost over! I just got the exams and that’s it! I’m free until next year! I’m very sorry for not updating in about…a whole lot of days? But that’s because I’ve done other stuff rather than finishing off games, which the list is currently building up. FFType-0 came in and I really like it. It’s the most decent game Square Enix has made in years! Well, I guess I like it because you have a wider variety of characters to master and not to mention that the game is quite challenging. You may find yourself in a situation where you have only three characters left. Goes to show how much I need to practice in on this game.

The soundtrack is really good, in my opinion. It doesn’t beat FFX perfect OST, but I say it’s pretty close. The characters I’m really good at are Ace, Seven, Trey, Rem, Nine, Eight and Sice. There are others where I am decent, but I struggle with Deuce, Cinque, Jack and King. I suppose it’s because they are quite slow and I’m more towards the faster characters. Oh and as a word of warning if you have the game, DO NOT come in any contact with the dual horns on the world map (unless you already have and found out that way); they will slaughter you.

I also got other things to do such as my stories and fanfictions. I have new ones planning to be announced, but not so much being worked on. Crystals of Suzaku I haven’t abandoned, but I’m finding it hard to continue because I know the storyline in FFType-0 and no new ideas come to me. Just give me time and I will be able to write something for it. Thank you.

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