New Fanfictions

Hey! Some of you may have already noticed my sidebar have the banners of my fanfictions. The only one active right now is Crystals of Suzaku, but I assure you, when the time comes, I will work on more fanfictions. Now most of you are probably asking yourselves, “Why on earth is she announcing fanfictions when she is busy with one of them?”. Easy. I announce those and start to plan them, so if I do finish Crystals of Suzaku, then I don’t have to dilly dally shilly shally around to find a new idea for a fanfiction. It makes you guys happy so I’m happy.

So let me talk about the two newest announcements, The Buried Truth and Valley of the Angels. These two were recently announced and so far, they are in planning. I plan to have both released next year, considering there are quite a number of fanfictions in front of them. The Buried Truth is a fanfiction on the genre of Phoenix Wright. There is actually no main character besides Phoenix Wright and the characters I created for the stories are for the purpose of this fanfiction. So this is more of a mystery thing for all those who aren’t too interested in romance. Since the game is set in America, at the least, the English versions does, most of my characters will have English names, rather than the usual Japanese names. There are exceptions and you will see when you read the fanfiction. So here’s what you can expect in this fanfiction:

  • Lots of mysteries to be solved
  • No actual pairing, but some can be hinted and implied
  • Meant to be long and confusing, so read carefully
  • Twists and turns
  • Possible references to other fanfictions or real life news

It is currently still in planning, so there may be more I can add rather than that. So let’s move on Valley of the Angels. Who here likes Devil May Cry? You do? Well the fanfiction genre for this one is none other than Devil May Cry. The setting will be in DMC4, so if you don’t like it, then oh well. For the first time ever, the main character will have a totally different personality. Tenshi “Angel” Miyata is a cold and ruthless devil hunter. She tends to be very prideful and often cares little about everything that goes around her life. Most of my characters tend to be kind and perhaps anti-social, but there is seriously no character that is badass. So Tenshi was created for that reason alone. Let’s hope it turns out great. What you can expect in this fanfiction:

  • A whole tonne of action
  • A new type of main character; Tenshi Miyata
  • No actual pairing, or at least, undecided right now
  • Twists and turns
  • Strong relation to Crystals of Suzaku and Binded Heart
  • An alternate ending to DMC4
Like The Buried Truth, not completed in terms of planning yet. But with what I’ve got, I think I can say it will be ready to be written anytime. This is what planning is good for, the ideas you want in the story can be jotted down so that when it comes to writing it, you won’t have to think hard. I will go further witn Endless Stars sometime, but currently, Crystals of Suzaku is my main priority, as well as thinking plans for Binded Heart. See you!

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