The Child of the Ukina Clan Update News

I have created Mizu’s new appearance and you can find it on my deviantart account, under my username, alchemy5mage. Now getting back to the real news, I am going to confirm a few things on this. It won’t be written yet, but I’m just giving you an overview, spoiler free of course, on what is going to be in the story.

  • Background story for my main characters (Mizu, Shouryu, Fubuki and Ryuhei).
  • The above characters are meant to be antagonists for a few chapters, but there are different antagonists.
  • Original pairing, meaning I won’t be pairing off Mizu with a guy from Naruto or both Shouryu and Fubuki with a girl from Naruto.
  • Characters already introduced in the original version will return.
  • New characters are introduced into the remaking.
  • Will not have any links with other fanfictions, but there may be occasional allusions and referencing.
  • Will have specials for special events and such.
  • There will be a popularity contest on the original characters, but it will be terminated when it’s not successful.
Got that? I hope that may inform you of what you can expect in the fanfiction. It’s a pretty big thing, considering it’s my most popular fanfiction to the point where it has the higest number of chapters. The chapters will be called ‘Scrolls’ instead of the usual ‘Chapter’. I have already changed the Crystals of Suzaku’s ‘Chapter’ as well to ‘Type’ instead. Not very creative, but I don’t like using the ‘Chapter’ in my stories. Because usually, my stories don’t have a different thing happening in each chapter. It may be the same. This will be the same for the other fanfictions too, so you can try to guess what I’m going to call the others next.

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