Never EVER Make Muesli Bars AGAIN

I was pretty sure I buried the whole school assignment muesli bar thing and the next thing I know, my mum pulls out the same exact ingredients used to make it. I was pretty damn certain I put all of them away when I refused to ever make that again…Is this my punishment for hanging out with guys?? But I guess my mum could consider herself lucky, seeing as though I don’t have homework.

Anyways, I want to tell you a bit more about Crystals of Suzaku. I’m looking at around another few months to be able to finish it off, but something in my gut tells me I’ll be able to finish it off before the year ends. As of right now, there are a portion of my original characters that have barely any role, but that will come later into the story. I’m surprised how popular it is, I mean, I saw how many people searched up, ‘Crystals of Suzaku’. This blog has a search engine where I’m able to tell how people get to my blog and you could probably see the surprise on my face when one of my stories had been searched up. Not once, not twice, but five times now. I’m pretty sure there’s more, but the search engine only finds those linking back to my blog. Thank you for those who are reading this story and I won’t let you down with updates. The story is a whole lot further than you think it is, but it still needs to be cleaned up before I post it.

I won’t disappoint those who are fans of The Child of the Ukina Clan too. I’m redesigning all of my original characters starring at the story, but when I wrote back then, it wasn’t as good. Now that I’m a lot better than before, maybe I can make Mizu less perfect (I looked back and realised how perfect she was…) and her pairing will obviously be with Akira Yamamoto now. Man I feel sorry for the guy…he really likes her but Mizu is very dense when it comes to feelings. I love my characters, even the more annoying ones. Because I created them, I consider them my little children so that’s why I can’t hate them. Some annoy me, but not to the point of hatred…except for one of the characters that will appear in Crystals of Suzaku. I created her, yet I hate her guts. Maybe it’s just for that purpose…she will be gone from my records as soon as I’m done with Crystals of Suzaku.

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