Trey, Cinque and Cater

Finally, the three have finally got their image. They have still yet to appear on the site though…


I have been anticipating his appearance for a while and when I saw it, well, I don’t know. He looks really feminine. I mean, in the artwork he looked boyish, but here, he looks really feminine. I love his longbow though. Anyways, he is supposed to be calm and collected, but can be chatty sometimes. Haha, I guess that makes him the smart type that likes to ramble on and on. I’d like to play as him though.


She looks so much different from the artwork and her mace looks ginormous compared to that same artwork. Anyways, she seems like the girly type to me and she reminds me of one of my own characters. I think she’s probably the more powerful one of the girls to be honest. I think she’s going to be an awesome character.


In my opinion, has to be the character mostly related to me. She’s direct and confident, similar to my blunt personality. Cater was the last to be announced, but I wonder why she wasn’t announced earlier? Ah oh well, she’s been announced now, so I can’t wait to play as her. She can’t move whilst shoot though…

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