More On Type-0 Demo

I’m just about finished with the demo. I’ve got all costumes but Queen’s and to get hers, you need to complete Mission 4, which I haven’t got to yet, because I’m not ready. So in the meantime, I’m just buffing up my characters to get them ready. Ace, Rem and Nine are perfectly, it’s just the other I want to get leveled up. This is the order of favourites to play: Nine -> Ace -> Sice -> Rem -> Machina -> Queen -> King. I’m not too good with King, so I always keep him on reserve. Queen seems to keep jumping around and makes it hard to hit the enemies sometimes. Nine and Ace are absolutely fun to play as. Ace’s weapon is the only one that can reach really far and quickly kills the enemies, the other being King, but his is slower. Nine is really powerful, so he’s my powerhouse. It really sucks that you can’t play the other Class Zero characters. I really wanted to try out Seven! Trey, Cater and Cinque have yet to be fully announced. What’s taking them so freakin’ long? I find it funny how Cater’s katakana is supposed to be Kate, but where did they get Cater from? Shouldn’t it be spelt like this: ケイタ?

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