Final Fantasy Type-0 Fanfiction

Those of you who have checked my Quizilla account will probably know about this. It’s just a fanfiction I wrote just recently to keep myself from being bored. And what surprised me at how quickly it rose up to seven thousand words, so I was thinking, ‘Hey, maybe I can share this’. It will probably released when I re-read over and check for spelling and grammar mistakes. It is set before the war with Byakko, so I’ll be setting my own plot there and it might not follow the actual game plot. I have the demo, but I can’t locate the USB for the PSP so I can play it. Oh well, my brother’s friend’s got that covered so I just have to wait. All of Class Zero will be in the story, along with Kurasame, Khalia and others. The only not present in the story is No.4 of Class Zero, because I have already started writing about this as soon as Jack, Deuce and Seven were announced. Trey and Cinque have be named, but not announced, but I have an idea for their personalities. My own characters will be revealed in this story, so if you want to know my main characters, then you’ll find out about them here. Consider them a spoiler to my novel. I just wanted to announce that and I will share more about the story, before actually posting it. It’s not going to be posted on Quizilla I’ve decided.

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