Busy Week

This week is very busy for me. I won’t be free on Friday until late, because I’m helping out at my school. I have been busy with assignments all week and really, I’m a little behind. I’ll catch up though. I’ve also chosen my subjects for next year. It’s the year in which I’ll be focusing on my career and hopefully somehow manage to go to Uni in Japan. I really want to work over in Japan. You have no idea how much I would love to work in Japan. But for that, I need a good level in Japanese and work really hard. For the time being, I’ll be an author and illustrator, but if I do go to Japan, then it’s off to Square Enix for me. I’ve been really thinking about my career and I’m very serious about it. But for now, I should really focus on my studies. I give good luck and encouragement to those looking for a career too!

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