My Poor Glasses! And Type-0!

Yes, I wear glasses. I am short sighted, so I need to wear my glasses whenever I need to see the board in school. I love my glasses though. Anyhow, in science today, one of my lens fell out because the screw came loose. And the pain in it all is that the screw is tiny. About 1 milimetre long, maybe even less. One of my classmates helped with putting the screw in place whilst I pop the lens back in and use my nails to screw the screw in its place. My glasses is fine now, but I hope it won’t come loose again.

In other news, Type-0 have new characters. Playable and non playable. I’ll start with the playables first, because we all want to know about them. So we have Jack, Seven and Deuce. Deuce is one of the more recently introduced one like Sice and King and well, SHE’S SO ADORABLE AND SHY! I am happy that Seven is announced, because she really looks like Lightning. Plus, she’s voiced by Aoki Mayuko! Jack’s pretty cool too. He looks playful and less serious than Ace, but probably doesn’t slack off much like Nine. Well, here they are.

He’s voiced by Suzumura Keniichi so that may give away as to why he looks playful and less serious. He wields a katana and since I’m very familiar with katanas, I’d assume he’s fast, agile and pretty good at swift attacks. He’d be lacking in defense and magic though. Then again, I might go back on that statement because they all seem equal in terms of magic. I’m pretty sure Suzumura will be using Tsubasa from Starry Sky’s voice. That or Ninomiya Yuuto’s  voice from TYB, but NOT snobby. Jack looks cocky, but not snobby. He seems pretty cool, but hasn’t taken over Ace’s, Nine’s or Machina’s spot. But he sure is close…

Does she not look like Lightning or what? She even folds her arms like Lightning. Go to the site and watch the newest PV to see it. I love her design though. Since she is voiced by Aoki Mayuko, you’d expect from soft spoken nature from her. Although, it’s hard to imagine, considering her expression remains passive like Lightning’s. Her whip’s awesome. I can’t wait to play as her! No really! I can’t wait!

If I ever wanted another little sister, I WANT DEUCE! She is so cute and adorable! Seriously, if you any of you diss her, I hate you. Anyways aside from that, her seiyuu is Hanazawa Kana and I’ll be honest, this is the first time I have heard of this seiyuu. If anyone knows anything about her voice acting, tell me okay? Deuce is really adorable, but she seems fragile too. She’s looks so cute!

Now onto the two non player characters; Andoria and Celestia. Both seem to be pretty important, but for now, nothing much is known about them. Since they’re minors, I won’t go into any details with them.

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