Since When Did D=OUT Become Major??

I’m feeling better now and what do you know, I’m posting on the last day of July. When I was sick, I was pretty much offline and missed out on a lot of news, like what the title says. When did D=OUT become major? Was it when ROMAN REVOLUTION was released? D=OUT signed in very late last year and now they’re a Major band. Wow. I’m impressed. I actually found out by checking PSC’s main site and D=OUT was on there, so and I went to check Indies PSC and they weren’t there. So now they’re a Major band. Congrats to them. I should go and congratulate them on it. Since I’m better, I’ll start updating again, but don’t expect much. There has been nothing really interesting to post about lately. Oh, but here’s one, there was a huge sale at one of the shops, because they’re going to close down and since it was a bookshop, I was majorly depressed about it. So I went in and bought one book, because the rest didn’t really catch my eye. It’s a manga book and it’s Spiral Bonds of Reasoning (Suiru no Kizuna)! Yay! I love the anime! You should watch it and read the manga. Yes, I recommend this anime and manga. Go on! Go read and watch it!

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