Why Do People Keep Touching My Stuff!?

I came back home from school and my desk was completely rearranged. And my reaction? I started yelling and throwing a big fit. I HATE it when people touch and rearrange my stuff. It’s like an invasion of privacy and sometimes it destroys my stuff. For instance; my Dissidia 012 cover was ripped (thanks mum…you really know how to piss me off). Payed around $80 for it and the cover was ripped. I haven’t forgiven her, because I could handle it when she ripped it out of hands and that where it happened. I thought she would know not to touch myself after all the constant yelling, screaming, shouting and raging happening. I know she has done so much for me, but I don’t like her touching myself cause I know she tends to RUIN them. So I re-rearranged my stuff to make it look almost the same as before. Seriously mum…stop touching my stuff. How would you feel if I touched your stuff?

Anyways, I finished my two day of school this week. I think it’s stupid, why couldn’t I just stay home for the remainder of the week, than to have another bludge day. Oh, for those who don’t know what bludge means, it basically means doing nothing. Which mean, we barely did anything today in school. I actually wanted to sleep, but because my brain is always so creative and imaginative, it doesn’t switch off as easily. So…I sat in my desk, listening to the lessons. Oh yeah, in Maths when we were working on the computer, goodness, my slow laptop was much faster than the one in our classroom. Plus…I was secretly hoping that the Maths Program wouldn’t work so I could do no work, but that wasn’t the case. It went something like this:

Me: Gosh, my laptop is faster than this.

Friend #1: Oh look, it’s working!

Me: Oh hi! Wait! I mean no!

Friend #2: HAHAHA!

So yeah I had to complete it. Right, that was funny though. I got so frustrated I wasn’t thinking properly, said what I said, realised when I said, took it back and my friend laughs at how funny it was. Well, that’s my life for you and NO, I will not tell you who my friends are.

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